Most Christians are not aware that the Koran has a version of the Christmas story. Jesus is presented as a great prophet in the Koran. It would be interesting to see what history would be like if the Christian Church had allowed itself to be influenced by God’s prophet Mohammed about 1500 years ago. The church got really off base by the third century, so God raised a prophet in the sixth century to reestablish balance. Most Christians were not listening, much like today, and the abuses started and got worse and worse until World War 2. Perhaps we can say that secularism saved Christianity, but now we have to save ourselves from secular materialism. People are willfully ignorant about money as well as God.

The point of the Christmas story is that we are all incarnations of God. We are naturally Devine. Each year on our birthday and various holidays, we are reminded of our amazing potential to do the miracles of Jesus and all the other great saints and prophets that we are reminded of on the various holidays.

Jesus who was supposed to give us eternal life, instead through the errors of the church produced the lowest lifespans in history of about 35 years. People worship death. Science has doubled our lifspans and we are now near 80. I believe this mainly happened through indoor plumbing and warm water in our homes for bathing – water purification. Daily bathing has become so convenient and pleasurable it is almost irresistible for most people. Water purification in the form of bathing cleans and balances the Energy Body. Cleaning the Energy Body is the source of both mental and physical health.  Our Energy Body is the bridge between Spirit and Matter. It is the source of both our ordinary bliss and the miraculous. Changing our thoughts and feelings, doing practices with water, fire, breathing, and diet with exercise creates peace, energy, and miracles.

The Koranic and Muslim view of Jesus is very interesting and profitable to study.

Muslims and an indigenous Christian group from the first Century called Ishanis state that Jesus went back to Kashmir after the resurrection and lived there for about 100 years. This Christian group still exists and was personally started by Jesus in Kashmir along with St Thomas. I have a very interesting book about this if anyone is interested. You can order it for $10 post-paid. Jesus spent half of his life in India before his ministry and then after his resurrection about 70 years in Kashmir.

Perhaps the best book ever written about Jesus was written by a director of the Museum of Kashmir. It is called the Search for the Historical Jesus. You may be able to find it in good bookstores still, or in used bookstores.

The Koran contains the story of the birth trauma of Jesus. I will include it later. You can see the relationship of his birth trauma to his death urge. The Koran affirms the virgin birth of Jesus. His virgin birth together with his birth trauma makes his personal karma very interesting. We can read about the positive and negative aspects of his life drama in the four gospels, as well as the Koran and elsewhere.

According to history, Jesus died again around age 100 in Kashmir and is buried in a tomb in Kashmir. The Muslims have had to protect this tomb for hundreds of years, because the Catholic Church would like to destroy it. The Catholic Church seduced over 5000 Ishanis into a church and murdered them all a few hundred years ago. Christians definitely like the doctrines of men rather than the power of God.

That Jesus died twice confused me for a while because He is still alive and active in the world as his mother Mary is. Mary evidently was resurrected the same day she was buried after her death of old age or her family tradition. But she now has a perfect and youthful body which we can see in the famous Madjugoria picture that became known in 1985. The pictures of the current body of Jesus are also youthful. They are both immortal masters now. They each had a somewhat different path, but their paths are connected obviously.

I have seen lots of evidence of the stay of Jesus in Kashmir after the resurrection, including the books mentioned above. There is also evidence that Jesus has been in India through the recent centuries: Swami Rama mentions this in his famous book on the Himalayan Masters. He related a place where Jesus visits about once per year and people can meet him there.

Babaji said that the crucifixion of Jesus was his last initiation. Even though he died later a natural death, his desire for mastery continued until it was complete. Jesus is now an immortal yogi master. Babaji also told us that Jesus spent 9 years with Him in India during his missing years in the gospel records. Jesus was missing most of 18 years from ages 12 to 30 in the Bible records. When he returned to Israel he did the 40 day fast without food and water, as Moses and Elijah did, and started his powerful ministry.

Here is the story of the birth of Jesus in the Koran.

The chapter is titled Mary. The chapter starts with the incarnation of John the Baptist, who was the cousin of Jesus. John’s birth is also miraculous. John is born miraculously to a very old couple. Jesus is born to a very young virgin. The context of the two miraculous births is totally lost on most Christians.

In fact, when you meditate on the childbirth trauma that Mary experienced, the idea of a virgin birth may not be a good idea. Extensive intercourse before giving birth to a baby is good preparation for the potential pain that women can experience during childbirth. Mary being a virgin was overwhelmed with the sensations and wished that she had died before the experience.

However, women who have had extensive rebirthing experiences are even better prepared to have a better experience during childbirth delivery. Underwater delivery also makes it easier. Almost nothing can prepare a woman for the power of the childbirth experience.   Giving birth more than once is the best preparation. We know that with rebirthing and experience, some women have turned the birthing process into ecstasy instead of pain. Thousands of couples have transformed the childbirth experience by going through at least ten rebirthing sessions during pregnancy.

Here is the Koran speaking, “Mary withdrew from her family to the East and secluded herself away. God says, ’We sent Our Spirit to appear before her in the form of a perfected man.’ She said, ‘I seek the Lord of Mercy’s protection against you: if you have any fear of Him, do not approach!’

“He said, ‘I am but a messenger from your Lord, come to announce to you the gift of a pure son.’

“She said, ‘How can I have a son when no man has touched me? I have not been unchaste.’

“Then he said, ‘This is what your Lord said, ‘It is easy for me. We shall make him a sign for all people, a blessing from us.’

“And so it was ordained: she conceived him.”

“She withdrew to a distant place and when the pains of childbirth drove her to cling to the trunk of a palm tree, she exclaimed. ’I wish I had been dead and forgotten long before all this.’   But a voice cried out to her from below, ‘Do not worry the Lord has provided a stream at your feet and if you shake the trunk of the palm tree toward you it will deliver fresh ripe dates for you, so eat, drink, be glad, and say to anyone you may see, ‘I have vowed to the Lord of Mercy to abstain from conversation and I will not talk to anyone today.’

“She went back to her people carrying the child, and they said, ‘Mary you have done something terrible! Sister of Aaron! Your father was not an evil man, your mother was not unchaste!’

“She pointed to him.

“They said, ‘How can we converse with an infant?’

“But he said, ‘I am a servant of God. He has granted me the Scripture, made me a prophet, made me blessed wherever I may be. He commanded me to pray, to give alms as long as I live, to cherish my mother. He did not make me domineering or graceless. Peace was on me the day I was born, and will be on the day I die, and the day I am raised again.’

“Such was Jesus the son of Mary.”

“This is a statement of the Truth which they are in doubt, it would not befit God to have a child. He is far above that, when He decrees something, He says only, ‘Be,’ and it is. God is my Lord and your Lord, so serve Him, that is the straight path.”

“But factions have differed among themselves.”

Then the Koran warns people about creating false doctrines.

The Koranic version of the birth of Jesus is similar to the Bible version and very different. It is not a metaphysical statement that we are all the Divine Children of God. It presents Jesus as having special powers, including the ability to talk as an infant. The overwhelming feeling of his birth trauma is duplicated at his death. Jesus actually said the same words to Judas that Mary said to herself. “You will wish you had never been born.” And at his own death Jesus said, “My God, why have you forsaken me?”

Yet, notice, that Jesus says as an infant, the he was born in peace and will die in peace. I am sure his second death was very peaceful after meditating for about 100 years in Kashmir. His birth may have been relatively fast and he obviously survived it fairly consciously in the Koranic record when he was talking as an infant. His crucifixion was also mostly conscious as the gospel record says, even though quite traumatic for himself, his mother, and others. I wouldn’t call it peaceful, as Jesus referred to it in the Koran. As an infant he also mentions his resurrection in the Koran.

The original definition of Rebirthing was to unravel the birth-death cycle – our birth trauma and our personal death urge. If our Movement actually achieves this with a few people, we will have accomplished more than 2000 years of Christianity. Healing birth trauma and the death urge are not superficial things. But we should also not blow them out of proportion. It doesn’t happen in ten rebirthing sessions, but it will never happen if we don’t work at it. Everyone who practices the breathing rhythm for a few years seems to automatically heal a lot of birth trauma. Healing the death urge can be easier than this, but it does take consistent work with affirmations, understanding, self-examination, and intelligent thinking. The death urge is mainly mental beliefs, but these beliefs cause most people to add bad diets and other bad habits. Working with our thoughts is coming up next.

Our major traumas make us sick over and over and over throughout our lives. The common cold is nothing but birth memories. When we learn the Breath of Life through Rebirthing, or we learn other forms of self-healing, we choose healing and it allows our stuff to come to the surface. We either learn enough self-healing techniques to actually heal ourselves or we get sick anyway and die. There is a statistic that says that people who do any form of self-improvement have a higher rate of suicide than the general population. No matter what brings our traumas to our attention, we have to learn how to face them and to heal them or avoid healing and leave the body. But leaving the body doesn’t seem to solve the problem, we have to heal our problems or live with them again in our next lifetime.

Self-healing is the name of the game of Life for intelligent human beings. The RBI Training Center is the best school for teaching people how to heal themselves than any that I know of. I highly recommend that you use it more often. We also call it Inspiration University.

We either do self-healing and get sick more often, or we suppress our sickness as much as we can until we get sick enough to motivate us to leave the body. When we choose self-healing, we open ourselves for more sicknesses. But if we don’t choose self-healing we get sick anyway and die. Death or leaving the body is the basic way to avoid healing. Total healing is a new radical idea. Are you ready for it?


This simple phrase is loaded with meanings, experiences, and interpretations.

Thoughts are physical things that can be felt or measured objectively with electronic meters in power and intensity. Thoughts create all feelings, and body changes. Thoughts create feeling states. A feeling or emotion is a structure of thought impressed on our personal life Energy. They are our Spirit structures composed of thoughts. They are memories – our karma. Our dominant feelings are often built of unconscious thoughts that we absorb from the people in our environment. We are so dominated by these feelings that we live in a very limited reality, mostly about food and sleep. For most people work is a necessity to get money to have a place to eat and sleep. We are totally controlled by our memories. “Experience creates memory and memory creates desires.” We are the servants of our desires. Maybe victim is a better term.

Our days are consumed by going from one memory to another. We do have the power of yes and no to our memories, but most people rarely use the no.

This was totally true of me for the last few months when my emotional mud from past lives took over my mind. I was totally controlled by those emotional memories. That miserable state now seems like a distant memory. I occasionally have a day or hour of total depression, but the complete muddy days have given way to the fun of productivity. I have to concentrate to remember those days and that ugly state that I was in. Productivity is really fun. I love accomplishing things. There is nothing like the joy of completion.

My emotional state is now dominated by clarity and freedom. When I was in that state of emotional mud, I am thankful that I had the sense to go to the fire. The fire always moved that negative energy. Since I didn’t feel like doing anything else and I was non-functional, it was a good choice. The alternative would have been escaping into the unconsciousness of sleep and sleeping all day or devoting myself to pursuing comfort foods. The purpose of comfort foods is to make us feel better superficially. They are usually an experience of suppression rather than pure pleasure.

Looking back, it is amazing that it took almost full time – 24 hours with the fire – for 3 months to get out of that state. But how many people are stuck for years until they die in it? Indeed, I can now see how that underlying muck diluted my effectiveness and happiness during my whole life until now. It still affects me, but it takes less time with the fire to dissipate the emotional mud. And my effectiveness is now dominant. I am now more busy accomplishing things, but I maintain several hours for fire each day. Fire purification daily may be more important than comfort foods.

Obviously, retirement tends to give people enough leisure to allow their past emotional mud to take over unconsciously. People often die during their first year of retirement. It doesn’t matter how much money they have, although there is a correlation between wealth and longevity. People aren’t willing to give up their money and die to end their suffering. They spend their money on cures that don’t work. Going from one empty cure to another, gives them hope and something to do to distract them from their misery. Who would believe that mantras, rebirthing, bathing, fire purification, and some fasting are the answers? Spiritual purification is not yet popular. People prefer to do stuff that doesn’t work.

When Babaji ridiculed me for having a haphazard fire program I was at first shocked, because I learned the power and practice of fire from the fire itself. But when I got over my shock, I realized that I was only spending enough time with the fire to barely survive. When I began spending most of my day with fire in nature, I realized what He was talking about. My extra time with fire enriched my spiritual life. It accelerated my healing. His insult saved my life and happiness.

Babaji has spent 50 years alone with fire – full time. When I was with Him, He pointed out to me fire pits that He used 400 years ago and 4000 years ago and 60,000 years ago. When I discovered the healing power and the spiritual power of fire in 1981, He acknowledged me for it. He made a big point of acknowledging me for it.   But i was recently neglecting fire purification and His insult awakened me.

Does doing 60.000 years of fire purification excite you?

It is easy to get so busy “doing God’s work” that we neglect our own healing process and our own spiritual growth. We can get trapped in living for others as easily as to forget our service. When we neglect our spiritual purification processes, even for a good purpose, we are still committing spiritual suicide and setting the stage for our own physical death.

So Babaji’s insult saved my life and happiness and got me back on track.

It feels great to be back in my productive state. Our spiritual well-being is the key to everything.

My new joy while being productive, hasn’t tricked me into neglecting my fires. I usually start the day with fire in nature and end my day with a nice big fire. Today, during my evening fire, I was blown away by the amount of negative energy my fire moved in my solar plexus. I could feel the results all over the rest of my body. The heaviness that had accumulated during the day was blown away by the Light. It is amazing how fire can reach deep inside of us and heal things that the other practices don’t reach. The spiritual purification practices with mind and the four elements support each other. Babaji says, “The wise do spiritual practices.”

Thinking is the mental quality of Spirit. Earth, air, water, and fire are the physical qualities of Spirit. The physical elements can clean the mind faster than the mind can clean the mind. This perhaps is the supreme wisdom of the mind. We cannot neglect the mind. I also have to acknowledge how much Japa expanded the value of my every moment with the fire. Fire with the right mantras is very powerful. I notice now when I do my mantras, since releasing that dense mud, my mantras seem to be twice or ten times as powerful. They move more energy than before. I am becoming more mantra oriented than before, even though I did AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA over 24 million times before 2013. The question of repetition with mantras or affirmations is a very meaningful question.

We have to master the world of the Spirit, the world of the Mind, and the Physical world. Mastering the three worlds is basic in Vedic philosophy and produced many immortal masters who are still around somewhere. I still enjoy hunting for them and learning from them. Babaji is the source of the whole game, but He likes and supports our learning from other masters.

Science has done a lot of work on understanding the physical universe and recently physicists have defined the Spirit as the Unified Field. Various scientists have made meditation on Spirit socially acceptable in our secular world. Little has been done to master the power of thought.

For example, how long or how many repetitions of an affirmation does it take to materialize a goal or a result. Naturally, it will differ from individual to individual, depending on how many beliefs we already have, but this is a fascinating subject for study. In Sweden, social scientists discovered that if you give non-functional people new good information, it produces almost no change. But they discovered if you change one major negative self-concept of a non-functional person, it produces dynamic change. Discovering our negative feelings – our personal laws, is very valuable.

There is no research on how many repetitions of an affirmation is necessary to change a body part or symptom or even an emotional feeling habit. This is not a simple question. Our relative experience with self-mastery is basic to our own belief in our own power of thought. Still the question remains. How many repetitions and how much conscious reasoning does it take to change a feeling or a physical reality? This question is basic to our science of Life.

What I may have learned in the past few months is – that it can take decades of repetition or new learning to change old memories from past lives. It is depressing to realize that self-improvement is some cases may take decades of work to get results – the results that we like. Memories from past lives are mixed with birth trauma and the way our parents treated us. We are always looking for faster easier ways to heal ourselves, but our soul takes as long as it takes. We just have to do the work and continue doing the work until we get the results that we like.

I healed an amazing amount of infancy memories when I did full time healing during my senility course from 1988 to 1993. Then again 9 years later I had major regressions about learning to walk and talk again in 2002. Two weeks ago I had the memory of my doctor hitting me on my back while holding me upside down by my ankles. It was a very painful memory and releasing this memory lightened at least a few pounds of pain from my back pain problem. But the resentment from that incident has been expressing itself my whole life. It adds to our resentment about moving. It contains self-pity and lots of victim feelings. Our healing seems to take at least decades of processing our memories, if we don’t suppress them enough to die with them first. Healing for some of us may take centuries.

I doubt that Mary and Jesus acquired their youthful bodies with specific affirmations. Seeking spiritual peace for centuries has a way of transforming the body automatically. But, we still have to give up our negative thoughts and negative affirmations. How often to you think, “I have a perfect body.”  How often do you say to yourself, “Intelligent Energy – Shiva-Shakti – is perfecting my body everyday.” How often do we even trust our Intelligent Energy to take care of us? How often do we wonder how our Intelligent Energy created our body? It is ok to think, my natural Divinity is naturally making me perfect and beautiful.

What do you think the quality of your Intelligent Energy is?

Research on mantras and affirmations is a great subject. We each have to do our own research. I am constantly doing this research.

Resentment about movement.

I started working on my resentment about movement a year ago when I returned home. I still have the problem. I have made a little progress. That period of infancy when we feel atrophy and we can’t turn over under our own power or take care of any of the functions of our physical body or even talk is very powerful. It is a very powerful memory state that affects us our whole lives. Most people die with it intact. I initially became intensely conscious of it during my senility years from 1988 to 93. I did a lot of work on it then, but it is definitely still with me and influences the way I feel in my body every night and every morning. I will let you know when this particular healing is complete.

I work with it every day with my exercise system. And I face these feelings many times throughout the day. For example, if I would like an object across the room and if I can get someone else to get it for me, I will ask rather than moving to get it myself. This is still true even though my new productivity enables me to receive joy from moving to complete things more every day. When this happens I find myself usually saying to myself, “I enjoy movement.” “I no longer have resentment about movement.” There is definitely progress.

I have discussed the relationship of this infancy atrophy state many times this year to my back pain and my resentment about movement. I still feel it every morning – big time. I am making progress, but it is very slow. Occasionally, I have a breakthrough and I don’t feel much pain in the morning, but then it comes back, maybe lighter, but it does still affect me. It is amazing how strong that infancy memory of atrophy is. I will keep working with it until I heal it completely. I am also studying how this memory in other people in my environment affects me, but my own memory seems to hold it in place.

It is, of course, a major factor in senility and the way people act and hold their bodies in old age. You can see this stuck memory of infancy atrophy in people on the street every day.


I like talking about physical immortality because it makes people think very deeply. The idea of physical immortality tends to induce spiritual enlightenment and a practical knowledge of the three worlds. Physical mastery cannot be achieved without spiritual purification, so the idea should motivate people to practice spiritual purification, and it also enriches spiritual community. It is nice – super nice – being with people who have good energy. How many people do you know who have healed the death urge they learned from their family tradition? I like having more friends who have immortal mind rather than who are stuck in mortal mind.

Freeing ourselves from the death urge gives us much better energy. We might even say that living in immortality consciousness is an advanced spiritual state of goodness and practical power.

Probably the reason that Babaji usually doesn’t talk much about it is because He knows that immortality doesn’t necessarily make people good. Babaji would like, even rather, that people practice truth, simplicity, and love and become beautiful, mature, intelligent, Divine, Human Beings. He once said, “Physical immortality is a natural result of a mind filled with happiness.” We have to focus on achieving happiness today and every day and getting everyone in our environment to do the same. We are forced to be engaged in adult education all the time.

As you know, in the Bible, the Jewish, Christian Devil is immortal and is not good. He is evil. In the Ramayana, the chief demon, Ravana, is also immortal until he was killed by Ram. In fact, immortality can feed the ego and arrogance and contribute to the corruption and evil of the individual. So immortality is not the highest good, whether it includes the body or not. Even immortal devils eventually are destroyed, so true immortality can only be achieved by being good. Goodness has to come first, middle, and forever.

It is also true that in several of His recent lifetimes, Babaji wrote books on how to achieve physical immortality. He is definitely not against it. He naturally has it in more balance than perhaps we do.  Babaji is amazingly wise. He has millions, billions of years of experience with us created Beings. Our Spirit is not created, but our mind is, and our bodies are created. Our mind can be uncreated or changed and our bodies can be uncreated or changed. It is up to us to choose the quality of both our mind and our body. This choice of quality determines our destiny.

I don’t know when I will have Babaji’s Darshan next, but I am looking forward to it with all the emotions I mentioned in my last newsletter – The Autumn Reflexions. I have little understanding what it will be like to be with Him in this new incarnation. It is usually a pleasant surprise, I confess to fear as well as love and anticipation. Babaji is God. He has all power as well as love and mercy at His disposal. I also live with Him wherever I am, but being in the Darshan of His physical body is still a unique opportunity for spiritual progress as well as mind and body healing. My fear usually has to do with the intensity of my healing process in His Presence.

It may be difficult to perceive how He is creating the New Age of Truth, but He seems to be holding things together in spite of the messes we are making in this beautiful world. It is difficult for me to know what to concentrate on teaching the most, but giving people the gift of the Breath of Life seems to still be at the top of the list. I give it to people every week. Doing high quality work one person or a small group at a time, seems very slow. The results cannot be measured, except by the gratitude of each student. When a new person also begins to share the Breath with others, it starts to multiply.

Teaching the Breath is usually first and most basic, because it gives people a physical awareness and experience of the Energy Body. This awareness with air makes it easier for people to perceive the value of water, fire, good diet and fasting – earth. The knowledge of our Energy Body gives us also a whole new experience of other people and their Energy.

There is the concept that Creation is going on now. It is always going on now. I keep wondering what Babaji or the Divine Mother in every soul is creating? Sometimes we are disappointed and sometimes inspired when we discover what is actually going on inside of people. The Divine Mother in every person is actually the Savior of the World and humanity. She definitely seems to be busy making people smarter and better. When we make our contribution to the adult education of someone, we are assisting Her.

Giving people some knowledge of Babaji is also important because He is with them forever and all the time everyday. As our connection with Him becomes more conscious, we can learn faster. Babaji is the best friend of everybody. He is the witness of all of our thoughts in all of our lifetimes. He knows exactly how to treat us to move our karma in the right direction. He allows our pain to become more intense sometimes so that we can learn our lessons. He doesn’t heal everything, to allow us to heal ourselves and develop more wisdom. We never know what He will give us, but it is always appropriate for our spiritual evolution. His gifts are always just right.

Developing your personal relationship to Babaji in His human forms is the most important thing you can do. I recommend that you read all of the books about Him. You can also look for Him in your meditations. Give yourself time to listen. He is willing to make the payment of our karmic debts a little easier, or a lot easier. And you can now go visit Him in India, if He is not visiting you enough. Even if He does visit you every day, there is supreme fun in visiting Him in His physical body.

I just drove from Atlanta to Houston. It took me about 16 hours. When I left Atlanta at 8 am, I told Ananda I felt like a zombie. My body had so much pain, it was a major event just getting out of my car to go to the bathroom or get gas or a little exercise. I usually don’t stop for restaurants, but I like to stop for exercise. I could feel the pain in my body all over it while I was driving. I was meditating on it and breathing into it to keep the pain moving.

In Louisiana, I saw a green car behind me. I love green cars. When it passed me I noticed that it was also a very cute convertible. I was driving 80 in a 70 mph limit stretch of I-12, along with everyone else, but the green car passed me with ease.

The driver was a very handsome man with a perfect hat. He looked at me with a very intelligent and loving look as if saying, “I see from your license plate that you are from Virginia, but this is the way we drive down here.” He was so cool, it inspired me. Our eyes meeting was very intense in a beautiful way. He soon disappeared in the distance ahead of me.

An hour or so later, he passed me again. This time our eyes didn’t meet. I concluded he must have made a quick stop for gas or something. Then an hour or so later, he passed me again.

Then I realized that the driver was someone special, because all my pain disappeared and I felt an amazing clarity and I was suddenly energized. This new state lasted the rest of my 4 to 5 hour journey to Houston.

Is it totally illogical to conceive that this guy was Babaji lightening my karma? When I remember His looking at me, it was really special. It was an overwhelmingly beautiful experience. I remember him as a very intelligent and happy college professor. He gave me his total attention in that moment. And that moment was a totally unique experience that is still with me. We were looking at each other with total interest and concentration. Although it was not long in time, it seemed like forever in consciousness.   However, I didn’t imagine it to be Babaji until I experienced the healings. I don’t remember exactly when the healing occurred, but I think it was between his second and third time of passing me.

Would Babaji materialize that car, that body, that hat, just to give me a healing blast?

The benefits of that what appeared to be an ordinary experience are still with me five days later.

We all can have experiences with Babaji like this! Lots of my friends tell me similar stories. But still maybe it is just my imagination. If so, I am enjoying the benefits of this imagination.

Babaji is so amazing. He is not limited to His body in India, but this body in India deserves our ultimate respect. The rewards of visiting Him can be infinite and eternal. I recommend that you put a visit to Babaji into your plans. The effort can be worth it. It will definitely be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

If you also have “imaginary” experiences with Babaji, please write them up and share them with me. He is our best friend and can play with us as much as He likes.

Remember it was Babaji that created the original Christmas. As the Koran says, “We shall make Jesus a sign for all people, a blessing from Us.” Jesus is a sign of your natural Divinity. His blessing is not complete until we realize our spiritual potential.

The true spirit of Christmas is to celebrate our natural Divinity and the Divine nature of everyone around us. Let us all have the love and healing power of Jesus!

Truth, Simplicity, y Verdad,

Leonard D. Orr