The word gospel means a statement of the principles of Truth.

The church has tried to state the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I don’t think they got it right yet, so I am making an attempt. You have to decide if it is the Truth. My goal is to make the message of Jesus clear to people.

A young man came to Jesus and asked him what is the secret of eternal life. Jesus said to him, ”You read the Scriptures what do they say?”   He said, ”to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and our neighbor as ourselves.”

If love is the secret to eternal life, no one has loved since Jesus in the 2000 years of church history. But many people have achieved eternal life in other religions.   In Chinese Taoism, over 10,000 have achieved eternal life during the last 5000 years. They ascended into heaven like Jesus and the immortals of the Old Testament. Why has this body mastery and ascension stopped in the Christian world? What did Jesus actually teach about loving God?

Jesus was killed to stamp out the idea of physical immortality. It worked in the Christian world for 2000 years so far, in spite of the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Interestingly, Christians worship death instead of victory over death. Even though this worship of death focuses on the death of Jesus, it hasn’t worked because the power of his resurrection is not combined with it as a practical reality focus. Although Christians believe that Jesus and Mary are still alive, it is not a practical reality for most of them. Immortal yogis attend the Kumba Mela, some of them are available to people each year, but Jesus and Mary do not seem to have a dependable address on planet Earth. Even though both Jesus and Mary make pictures of their present bodies available, it doesn’t seem to be enough to make physical immortality available to Christians.

The church has stated that believing in the substitutionary atonement of Jesus is the secret to eternal life, but so far this has not worked for 2000 years of church history. This turns into a form of death worship. Christians believe that the death of Jesus gets them into heaven if they die. No matter how many special people die for us we still have to die for ourselves, if we die. Christians have to look deeper for the practical truth that actually works to give us eternal life. We have to actually live like Jesus and understand Spirit, Mind, and Body as he did. We have to master our Spirit, Mind, and Body like all the immortals before us. We can learn from all of them. it should be a lot easier for us than it was for them. We have more successful models.

Studying saints and immortal humans is a good idea, especially when we realize that the power of God that was available to them is available to us.

What does it mean to love God? God is our Spirit, Mind, and Body. We are always 100% Spirit. Our minds are Spirit thinking and our collection of thoughts and feelings and beliefs. Our body is always totally Spirit in form or action. We have to love God as our own Infinite, Eternal Spirit as the ground of our Being as Jesus and the Taoist do . We have to love Spirit enough to be the masters of our own Mind and Body. This is what it means to love God. It is not just empty words. This is how it produces eternal life.

Jesus achieved eternal life the same way the immortals of the Old Testament achieved it, by living in the Spirit. This also works for Taoists and Yogis. This is the same way we can achieve eternal life. We have to become conscious that we are always the Infinite, Eternal Spirit. God is in the Space between our Thoughts. Each of our thoughts on the other side of this space should be in harmony with our Divine Nature – a good, life enriching thought.

If we are the Eternal Spirit, we are immortal by nature, we don’t have to do anything to be immortal. We just have to remember it and to live it. To live it means bringing our mind and body into harmony with our Divine Nature which is with us all the time. It is us all the time! We have to get rid of the false concepts we have about ourselves which we learned from our parents, culture – even our religion.

But obviously, our Mind and Spirit can destroy the body. Anything created can be uncreated. Our Spirit and Mind are the creator. Destroying the body is very popular for people to do. If we take our Mind and Spirit out of the body, it returns to matter. Realizing our immortality in the body is not very popular, but people have been doing it from the beginning of time. Agastya and the seven Rishis have been in the physical universe for about 12 billions of years. They have been participating in human history for billions of years and are still here. They are mentioned in various Scriptures. They don’t think it is special to be immortal. There are others, but we have to look for them. How can we look or see if we don’t have the idea, even? Having the idea of physical immortality is basic.

Thirumoolar has been millions of years in his body. He has a temple in South India with a solid gold roof as testimony of his existence. He has trained several immortals, known as Siddhas in South India.

Nagajuna, a Buddhist, lived from the 2nd to the 8th Century and was very influential. We have to be aware of the immortals before we can notice them.

Taoists love the Tao first of all, which is the Infinite, Eternal Spirit at the Source of our mind and body. They learn how to express the Source in their mind and body to become immortal. They stay connected to the Source, which is what it means to call themselves Taoist. Although we know we are Spirits, we don’t call ourselves Spirits. We don’t use our daily language to express the truth of our being like the Taoists do.

Maybe Christians should try this. They have to succeed in being God the same way that Jesus was. Actually, the word Christian means to be the Christ. And we have to realize our immortal nature as well as Enoch, Melchizidek, Moses, and Elijah did, who are the other immortals of the Bible history. Do you think the Christians will catch up with 10,000 Taoists? Will there be 10,000 immortal Christians, as well as the 10,000 immortal Taoists of history? Most of these Taoists became immortal during the last 5000 years which is the time period of the Bible history. Even common people lived for 500 to 1000 years in the beginning of the Bible narrative. The Bible records the year of their death, but it records the fact that Enoch ascended into heaven as well as Eiijah and Jesus.

Taking our body with us off the planet is a form of physical immortality. The Bible immortals, The Taoist immortals, and Yogis, who ascend, sometimes return to the planet and play a role in history at least in the lives of some individuals.

Yogis have consistently become immortal during all time periods for 12 billions of years. We don’t know how many thousands of immortal yogis there are now on planet earth.. It is fun and satisfying to find them and learn from them. Each immortal we meet opens and expands our mind.

The three worlds of the Spirit, Mind, and Body have to become the focus of Christians’ spiritual pursuit rather than the death of Jesus Christ. This is a radical idea for most Christians, but it is in harmony with what Jesus actually taught is the secret to eternal life. It is interesting that Christians turned the death of Jesus into death worship, instead of noticing his lifestyle that gave him the power over death and made him a powerful healer. The church dropped out the power of the resurrection as well as the power of the lifestyle of Jesus as a healer as an alternative for us. This power to heal was realized by a few Catholic saints, but they didn’t become immortal, because their theology didn’t permit it. Their theology doesn’t give them power over death. The saints resurrected people from the dead, but if was realized only temporarily. It didn’t lead to an immortal lifestyle.

Loving God as his Divine Nature made Jesus immortal, gave him his healing power, and enabled him to survive death in his resurrection. Ascension is what Jesus and the Old Testament immortals actually did. We have to build a philosophy that is in harmony with this. We have to build a lifestyle to go in harmony with ascension rather than death. Since the Taoists and Yogis seem to be better at it, maybe we Christians or over-civilized Westerners can learn something from them? Jesus said, “We have to be concerned about the power of God rather than the doctrines of men.” Our Spirit is our Source of power. We have to keep our minds in harmony with this power. It is the energy of being tuned in to God that gives us the healing power.

The world of the Spirit is Infinite and Eternal Substance. It is formless and capable of all form. The Mind is the director of this Substance. We have to master the world of the mind. The body is singular or infinitely diverse, depending how how we focus in on it. The parts, shapes, functions, organs, limbs, etc., have infinite potential. As we look into them we are boggled by infinity. We have both control and no control. The body is here for us to enjoy and feels perpetual. Without the limitations of the mind, it is unlimited. The limitations of the mind are all optional. We can focus on the body as constantly changing or as stable. We tend to think of it and mostly observe it as as a singular permanent thing. Our body seems very dependable most of the time. We can control and master our bodies. The physical body is willing to cooperate. It is our minds that are limited.

Death is optional. It always has been and always will be. We all create our own death according to our beliefs. We also can create physical immortality according to our beliefs and actions, but we don’t have to create being immortal. Immortality is what we are. We have to be immortal to destroy the body. The body is always the servant of the Mind and Spirit. The Spirit is eternal. The mind is eternally renewal. The Mind is the thinking quality of Spirit and our collection of thoughts. We can eternally change this collection. The goal is to make the mind in more harmony with our Divine Nature. We don’t have to be the victims of our memories.

The Mind seems to be the problem. We have to heal what we call the unconscious death urge which we learned from our parents and culture, including faulty religion. The death urge is a belief or beliefs composed or all of our anti-life thoughts and feelings. Healing the death urge is not impossible or extremely difficult, but it has to be done if we desire eternal life and the well-being of our Spirit in the body. We can heal it one negative thought at a time until we feel clear and fully alive. Living without the death urge makes life a lot easier. Most religions seem to teach that death is more powerful than God. To believe that death or the death urge or our pain is more powerful than God is a false religion.

The following Bible passage makes it simple and obvious:

Death is very popular, but it is optional. The timing and method are totally optional. It is a matter of personal choice when we know the truth. We have to choose to leave the body. We each have to choose a high quality life, or be the victims of the choices others have made for us. Moses said, “Choose Life!”   In God, all things are possible! We can choose our Natural Divinity forever! We can become a friend of God, like Moses was.

The Wisdom of Solomon, chapter I, verses 12-16 (In the Catholic and Jewish Bible)

God did not Create Death

“12 Do not bring on your own death by sinful actions. 13 God did not invent death, and when living creatures die, it gives him no pleasure. 14 He created everything so that it might continue to exist, and everything he created is wholesome and good. There is no deadly poison in them. No, death does not rule this world, 15 for God’s justice does not die.

16 Ungodly people have brought death on themselves by the things they have said and done. They yearn for death as if it were a lover. They have gone into partnership with death, and it is just what they deserve.”

This is a powerful answer to the puzzle. We have to love God more than death. We have to accept responsibility for creating our own death. Or we have to accept responsibility for the quality of our body if we don’t create death. We are not the victims we believe we are.

Since most great Scriptures actually recommend physical immortality, How did death become so popular? This article is only a few pages. I have an expanded version of 18 pages if you are interested. My book, Breaking the Death Habit is in over ten languages. How did people acquire the belief that death is inevitable and beyond our control? Why do people seem to believe that death is more powerful than God? This of course, makes us addicted to being victims. It is not loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

The Bible says that “The goal of Creation is the redemption of the body.” It also says that “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.” Are you willing to accept this gift? Furthermore, sin means to miss the mark. If the mark is the realization of our natural Divinity, then sin and death are the same thing. Eternal life means the realization of our Natural Divinity – every day

The redemption of the body means to incorporate the body into the conscious life of the Eternal Spirit. The body is always 100% Spirit. Loving God means to live consciously in the Spirit all the time. It means to make our minds and bodies our servants – to treat them consciously as qualities of our Spirit. When we do this death loses its control. The body becomes the perpetual embodiment of health and well-being. We have to get used to the idea of physical immortality to make it practical year after year. We have to continually remember that we are the masters of our bodies.

Jesus put the powerlessness of death on open public display in 3 days. It cost him a day of pain. He says some interesting things about his death and resurrection.

Jesus said, Man shall not live by bread alone, but my every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” He studied the Eastern Scriptures. So must we. Most Christians don’t even know what the Bible teaches. Most people are not aware there are over 5 immortals in the Bible history. And Babaji, the Angel of the Lord, is unknown to them.

The Shiva Purana says that total salvation is the salvation of Spirit, Mind, and Body. The body is an organic part of our spiritual growth. How did we get such negative thoughts about our body? The Shiva Purana has the most complete instructions on eternal life and may be why it has produced the most immortal humans.

We accept the gift of eternal life by building the basic ideas of body mastery into our consciousness and lifestyle. To love God means to have a high quality lifestyle. Our minds have to accept the idea of eternal life and develop it. The Spirit is always the master or Source of the mind and body, even through death and reincarnation. Working with the right affirmations and concepts is the basic methodology. Spiritual purification practices also clear the mind and body and make victory over our own negativity much easier. Earth air, water, and fire are the physical qualities of God. They are naturally eternal. Learning basic spiritual practices with the elements makes keeping ourselves in high energy much easier.

Relaxing into our natural Divine Spirit is the final step as well as the first step – now – this year- forever. We have to use our mind to support the eternal life of the body, not to destroy it. The mind is the problem, not the body. We can keep our minds in harmony with our Eternal Spirit. Our bodies tend to reflect this.

Most people believe that they will one day develop so much pain in their bodies, that they will have to leave their body and destroy it to get rid of the pain. People have not yet learned how to heal their own pain. They collect pain until it dominates their experience of Life and they lose control. Pain is created by negative thoughts and feelings. People think or believe they lose control, but they actually don’t. We can always take control of our bodies and heal our pains one at a time until we have a clear body that feels good and works good. We have to keep our minds in harmony with our Divine Immortal Spirit. The most painful thoughts are a denial of our eternal spiritual qualities. Negating our Divine Nature is the source of pain. Negating our desires also causes pain, or at least tension and stress.




It works to keep thinking about physical immortality and victory over death and pain.

The eternal life which Jesus taught included the physical body, otherwise the resurrection is totally meaningless. In addition, he ascended in to heaven and took his body with him, as did the immortals of the Old Testament, the Taoist immortals, and many Yogis. There are actually thousands of immortal Yogis who have been on the planet for various periods of time. We can meet them at the Kumba Mela or search for them. Searching for immortal humans is always exciting.

Jesus experienced enough pain in a few hours to motivate him to leave his body. It was laid in a tomb for 3 days and called dead. But he developed enough spiritual power and support from his immortal friends to reenter his body, heal his pain, and become victorious over death. The Young Man sitting on the rock, rolled away from his tomb, was Babaji. Babaji told the disciples of Jesus where Jesus went and to go to Nazareth to his mothers’ house to find him, if they desired to see him. Jesus spent time with his mother after his resurrection. His mother also became immortal. Here is how Mary looks in 1985:

Put picture here.

Eternal life means physical immortality. The idea unschackles the mind and our society from the limitations of deathist mentality. It gives us enormous reserves of creativity and energy. Jesus re-established the Life Energy of his Spirit into his body. He healed all his pain and motivations for being out of his body. He functioned in Israel for about 120 days before ascending and taking his body to heaven. Where is heaven?

Physical immortality is a practical and timely idea and always has been very personal for everybody. It has to become personal for you. You probably don’t need to die on the cross or collect extreme pain or even leave your body. Immortality might be relatively easy for you if you develop an intelligent lifestyle now, assist others in your environment so that you don’t have to prove anything to them later, iike, “ being the savior of the world.” The world doesn’t need saving, nor do your friends, if they develop an intelligent lifestyle based on truth, simplicity, and love.   Whether we stay on the planet or learn how to ascend, it requires a new relationship to our bodies and minds. We can lift our body into harmony with our Spirit. The body is always 100% Spirit.

The idea of physical immortality gives us a context and motivation to heal our personal death urge and develop an intelligent lifestyle. The death urge may be our most destructive emotional problem. It is destructive for us personally and for others who may be affected by our insane behavior. Having a practical system of health and body mastery is far more intelligent than dying.

Believing that death is inevitable and beyond our control, means that God is planning to kill everybody. How insane is it to love a God that is planning to kill us? The death urge is the source of war, murder, suicide, and all kinds of self-victimization. Loving God means to love our Spirit, Mnd, and Body. God is willing to leave our death up to us.

Physical immortality means that we are Spirit, Mind, and Body. It means to love God more than death. The human body is built to heal itself forever, if the mind doesn’t destroy this ability. Our body heals itself, but can be influenced or inhibited by the mind. We have to keep our mind clear and innocent. Our body is totally innocent. It can be victimized by the mind. We can keep our beliefs pure and in harmony with personal health and aliveness. Life is more powerful than death. Why do people continue to make death so popular? Death is dependent upon life – it is a parasite. Death has no power except what we give to it with our minds. Why are you creating your own death?

Everything is Spirit. The physical body is always 100% Spirit. The body tends to take care of itself as it is designed to do. It may be a bigger teacher than death. The physical universe is the ultimate teacher – it reveals what the mind and Spirit are doing. The physical universe reveals what is In the mind. The physical body and universe gives us constant feedback about what our mind is thinking.

Death is the choice to leave the body. We are always in control of death. Death doesn’t control us. Death has no power except what we give to it in our own mind. Death is not a thing that exists. It is an idea which we can create for ourselves or we can create health, well-being and eternal life for ourselves. Total healing of our pain and mastering our mind and body is a new idea for most people. Death is more popular in our society. Spiritual laziness and negative thinking of all kinds is far more popular than intelligent control of our lives and experiences. When we control our own mind, we control death. As we stay tuned into our Spirit, we control our body. What is total health?

Physical immortality is Life oriented. It is in harmony with Life, Love, Joy,Peace, Health, Good Business, Wisdom, and Goodness. It supplies a context for Infinite Potential. It is up to us to work out the relationship of our Spirit, Mind, and Body. We can master the World of the Spirit, the World of the Mind, and the Physical World. Victory comes when we change one more negative thought into harmony with our Divine potential. We either yield to our thoughts and feelings of pain and defeat or change them. Joy is our birthright. The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, patience, peace, intelligence, goodness, truth, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness. and self-control. Immortals tend to be good people.

Physical immortality is a very practical idea. Building it into science, education, literature, religion, and daily thought is a good idea. It is truth, simplicity, and love in action. If mortal scientists have created what they have done, think what immortal scientists could do.

My goal is to keep this statement brief and easy to share. Have fun with it! It is already 7 pages.

May you master your Spirit, Mind, and Body! LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!

I have many other articles and books on the subject. My most popular book which is a practical discussion of how to live in the Spirit is called, “Breaking the Death Habit.” I also offer lectures and trainings on this subject. My 9 Day Training on Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification is basic. People feel very good by the last day of the 9 Day Training. Some people say it was the most beautiful experience of their entire lives. I especially enjoy it when people participate in my 9 Day Training at least once per year, and so do they. Their happiness, health, and prosperity increases every year.

High quality thoughts and basic spiritual practices are good for the body and make it easier for us to feel good all the time. High quality thoughts can lift us out of pain and keep us out of pain. We can live in harmony with our Infinite, Eternal Spirit all the time. It is the most natural thing to do.

I offer also a 2 week and a 3 week professional training. When people have done a lot of rebirthing for perhaps years, 2 weeks may be enough to launch them into a very successful new career. 2 weeks permits you to receive ten rebirthing breathwork sessions and also to give ten sessions. For some people 3 weeks is too long. But for others, 3 weeks is perfect. The third week of experience enables them to master all the seminars, have more sessions and give more session. It tends to insure that they know what high quality Rebirthig is.

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I support you in this most satisfying career.

The question is, “do you have a more meaningful idea of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?”

Is this gospel a helpful statement of Truth for you?

It is important for us to share our truth with others and build spiritual community around us to support the spiritual growth of ourselves and our friends.

The One Year Seminar is a useful and simple form. It is the same people meeting once per month for a full day. The Weekly Supprt Group is another practical form for spiritual community. It is the same people meeting usually in an evening once per week.

I like building spiritual communities in schools, work environments, churches, neighborhoods, or anywhere they work. Spiritual communities improve the quality of Life immensely. When we have enough spiritual communities – people loving and supporting each other, we will have heaven on earth.

Physical immortality is a very challenging idea to build into our spiritual communities.

The Ramayana says, that during the time of Ram and Sita, children did not die for 10,000 years. Maybe Christians can learn something from studying this Scripture as well as the other great Indian Scriptures. They obviously had the solution to abortion for ten thousand years.

Teaching adults as well as children about their natural divinity is our goal. Adult spiritual education has been the challenge of God for twelve billion years. How is he doing? Maybe we should participate?

When I was in college, I was told that if I had a BA, MA, OR PHD, but didn’t have a knowledge of the Bible I was not an educated person. Today we have many more great Scriptures available to us in English. We have to say that if you don’t have a knowledge of the Shiva Purana, Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, the Book of Manu, the Ramayana, the Maha Bharata, and the many Scriptures God has produced like the writings of Goraknath recently, we are not educated persons.

Not accepting or using the wonderful gifts of Scripture God has given is not only ungrateful, but not very intelligent. Spiritual communities based on real knowledge of Scripture and real spiritual experience are rich indeed. It might be a good idea for us to participate in our own spiritual education.

To write our own gospel is just a beginning assignment in our spiritual eduation process. In the process of doing this, we can study the gospels of all the immortals we can find.

Staying high, and alive, and healthy every day is the goal. Staying tuned into our Spirit is the practical means to this goal.

Truth, Simplicity, and Love,

Leonard D. Orr