My good friend, Dagmar, a psychiatrist and rebirther, loved me a lot and loved rebirthing, but she thought I was totally crazy to talk about physical immortality.  She used to get attention during all my public lectures and ridicule my ideas of physical immortality.  I didn’t mind.  Sometimes I took the occasion to go deeper into the teaching and sometimes I just let it be, allowing others to make up their own minds.  Sometimes others in the audience would argue with her and it was lots of fun.  We can afford freedom of thought.  Do you think you have an open mind?

One year in the late 1970’s while with Babaji in Herakhan, I met Shirdi Malana, a Sufi who was 700 years old.  He was from the mountains between Iran and Russia.  When I returned to Europe, I talked about him in a lecture in which Dagmar attended.  She said, “Now I got you.  My best friend is the daughter of the chief minister of the Shah of Iran and I will prove to you that this is not true.” 

Dagmar told her friend what I said and her friend said it was ridiculous, I have never heard of such a thing in Iran.  But her friend mentioned it to her parents at the dinner table.  To her surprise, her father said, “This is true, I know of a Sufi who is over 1000.”  So, there is a group of Sufi immortals in the forests of Iran.

Dagmar came to my next lecture with her tail between her legs and apologized to me for ridiculing me for years about my ideas of physical immortality.  Her Iranian friend also came and verified my story.  Dagmar was now convinced that what I was teaching about physical immortality was possible.  It is based on present day facts, not just teachings in the ancient Scriptures.  Eternal life is not dependent upon Jesus Christ.  Physical immortality is just present words for eternal life.  Jesus proved that eternal life included the physical body by his resurrection.  This was the whole point of the resurrection.  He was killed to stop his teaching of physical immortality.  It didn’t work, except in the Christian Church.   It is amazing how people have inverted the whole story to protect their mortality.  Why do we think we have to protect our mortality?  Is it because we don’t like to be responsible for our own death?  Are we killing ourselves with our diet?

Many famous billionaires in the U.S. today are spending billions on aging research to learn how to stop or prevent aging.  Most of them seem to think that approaching it from the standpoint of the physical sciences is the best approach.  Some people say the physical sciences are the only reliable, socially acceptable approach.   But it is the least valuable approach.  Physical reality tends to be temporary, except when it is dependent upon Spirit and Mind.  physixal reality is created by mind out of Spirit.  What is created can be uncreated.  There are many pills now being advertised by reputable scientists, doctors, and universities that promise to heal all our aging symptoms.  If it were true, the benefits are temporary.  We have to keep taking the pills.

There is physical causation, mental causation, and spiritual causation.  Spiritual causation is infinite and eternal.  Mental causation comes and goes.  Physical causation is the most temporary, but it is real.  Whatever is created, can be uncreated.  For example, if your solution to aging problems is a pill, you have to keep taking the pill, because its benefit is temporary.  If you turn on the light switch the light stays on until you turn it off, unless the bulb blows out.  If we start our car with a key, hopefully it runs until we turn it off, unless we run out of gas.  Physical causation is dramatic and can be instantaneous, but can be instantly changed by other physical causes.  All physical causes are implemented by mind.

Mental solutions have a tendency to be more lasting, especially if they involve healing the emotional mind.  When we heal an emotional or physical body memory, it tends to disappear forever.  Mental causes can also come and go. They are subject to choice which can be influenced by social pressure for either good or bad.  Most people have very little knowledge of what is in their own mind – memory.  Aging and senility reveal what is suppressed in the mind.  Aging and senility is spontaneous regression into primal memories which take over the mind and body.  Aging is sometimes called our second childhood.  We can see it in the supermarket – adult diaper section.  Senility is regression to infancy.

Regression is the cure for suppression.  Our suppressed memories are often a surprise.

If you can find a spiritual solution, this has the potential of being eternally lasting.  But, since everything is created out of Spirit Energy with thought, our mental solutions are always subject to change.  We can move one physical thing with another, but mind is always behind the movement.  And our Infinite, Eternal Spirit sustains everything.

Endurance is perhaps the basic spiritual technique that can heal aging, but it has to be combined with understanding and other basic healing techniques of spiritual purification.  Part of understanding is psychoanalysis.  We have to study our cause and effect relationships.  For example, I met a 380 old man who definitely needed to heal his birth trauma.  Since physical and mental causes are temporary, we can outlive them with endurance.  Each of the methods of spiritual purification with the elements and psychological understanding accelerates the healing processes we have to endure and makes them more efficient.  Our understanding includes healing the death urge which we learn from our family tradition.

The two basic functions of the mind are to create and destroy.  Isn’t it amazing that our mind can negate the qualities of our Divine Spiritual Nature and create self-resistance that produces our pain and misery?   Getting out of this common self-immolation may be our basic job as humans in this incarnation.  How are you doing?   This is another important understanding.  We can live our Natural Divinity existentially while we are waiting for our memories to surface and be healed.  We don’t have to live in our past all the time.  It is ok to be suppressed and live in present time as long as we are not trapped in suppression.

The idea of physical immortality is very taboo in religious circles, in the media, and in superficial scientific circles.  It has even become taboo in metaphysical circles where the leader of the movement taught it but didn’t make it.  The words Physical Immortality are just modern words for Eternal Life, which was one of the main teachings of Jesus Christ.  Since most of his personal deciples didn’t make it and almost no known Christians have realized Eternal Life in the last 2000 years, the church has changed the meaning of the words to protect their mortal false doctrines.  The words eternal life as a practical teaching that is expressed more clearly as physical immortality is shocking to most people today and is not talked about.  It is still taboo.  Can we be better than our leaders?  The leaders of his day tried to end physical immortality by killing Jesus.  Did it work?  It is now being taught by scientists.  Will they do any better than Jesus?

If we are sincere about aging research that actually works, we have to deal more directly with mental causation and spiritual causation.  This is real science! Mental science and spiritual science is far superior to physical science and is the source of the physical sciences.  All scientists are thinking Spirits.  Physical science can still be used.  It is created by the minds and spirits of scientists.  Physical tools have a tendency to produce instant changes and more dramatic changes, but they are not sustainable.  Light switches and cars do not last forever.  Neither do pills.  If they overrule the mind, the mind will sooner or later make them ineffective.  It is our choice that turns the light switch on and off, or uses the key to start the car or stop it.  Some pills may change some symptoms, but the only lasting results are usually from pills that destroy the body.  Medical science has moved in recent decades from the 3rd largest cause of death to the first.

In fairness, medical science works in a context of deathist mentality, both in the doctors and patients.  We don’t know what would happen if this mental context is changed?  Physical immortality opens new prospects.

Why do scientists negate themselves?  When they do, they reflect or imitate the sinner consciousness of orthodox, fundamentalist, Christians or Hindus or Muslims.  To negate our own natural spiritual nature and the power of our own minds is nihilistic philosophy.  It is counterproductive to real science and real truth.  When we start with the idea that death is inevitable and beyond our control, we make useless all research.

We have to at least open our minds to the words, physical immortality, to make much progress in aging research.  Realizing that Energy, Thought, and Form is all there is, is basic.  Focusing on the World of the Spirit, the World of the Mind, and the Physical world as the basis of our philosophy is a good idea.

To have a self-image based on our Natural Divinity is way beyond narcissism.  A healthy “narcissism” involves an honest appreciation of our beautiful parts, and healthy organs, functions, etc., as well as our poor parts.  It may take a healthy Divine self-image decades or even centuries to realize our perfection as a mind and a body.  We are always an individual expression of the Infinite, Eternal Spirit.

The real secret to aging and antiaging research is to allow the qualities of our natural divinity to replace our aging programing – our primal memories.   This seems to be a new and radical idea.  It means to allow our aging programs to manifest, maybe without resisting them at all and allow them to be replaced by our natural spiritual perfection through endurance.  It means also to not allow our minds to be trapped by our conditioning and beliefs in limitations while we cooperate with our youthing processes and our healing process.  We can outlive our diseases and death by surrendering to the Perfection our Natural Divinity.

The difference between rejuvenation which works and that which doesn’t is our actual experience in healing our memories – emotional memories and body memories.  Most of us don’t even know we have such memories that can take over our mental and physical experience.  We have memories from birth trauma, infancy trauma, early childhood, the teen years, and after, even from prenatal experiences and past lives.  Working with these memories seems to be the key to real aging and anti-aging research.  Who is working with this?

Concretely, this involves mastering the healing potential of the basic skills of spiritual purification practices with the elements of air, earth, water, fire, and allowing our minds and relationships to catch up and cooperate with our natural divine potential.  We have to realize how to practice our Natural Divinity.  This is an art and science.

Spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community can work together to realize our Natural Divine Potential.  All three of these approaches are essential – the World of the Spirit, the World of the Mind, and the World of the Physical.

People seem to think, if they don’t know about the thousands of immortal masters on the planet, that accepting the limitations of diseases and death is easier than living the perfection of their natural divinity.  The Sufis are just one group, there are a few hundred Buddhists, thousands of Taoist, and many immortal Yogi Masters of all kinds.  There are 5 immortal examples in the Bible, not just one.

Many senior citizens get more wisdom and love as they grow older.  This comes naturally from their own endurance during their own spontaneous healing process, but if they don’t have the concept of total healing that is a part of physical immortality, at some point they give up and die.  Every healing process we go through makes life more fun, but opens us for more healing experiences.  Hopefully, they don’t become overwhelming, but sometimes they may.  Only our endurance and the grace of God gets us through.  We have to learn extreme patience with ourselves.  This patience with ourselves gives us more kindness and patience with others.

The truth is each healing may speed up other healing experiences, which means more sickness or symptoms, or slow it down.  No one knows our karma, including us.  We have to learn as we go.  Our soul, our body and mind memories are full of surprises.  It seems that no one knows their own emotional mind – the soul. 


If you do self-improvement you will get sick.  If you don’t do self-improvement you will also get sick.  The truth is that people who do self-improvement have a higher rate of suicide than people who don’t.  In spite of this, they also live longer – maybe forever.  This means that if we do self-improvement we will have more sicknesses, mental and physical because we live longer.  Either way, it is good to learn as many self-healing skills as werl can.  The more healing experiences we have the more bliss and productivity we have between our healing experiences.

We have to learn to go with the flow.  Sometimes it is best to devote full time to a healing experience.  Sometimes it is best to not give it too much attention and continue working full time.

Healing memories is not so easy.  We suppress memories because they are painful.  We don’t like to remember our painful physical and emotional memories.  Most people would rather die than remember or God forbid, relive our sicknesses mental or physical.  This is the basic reason people do die – to avoid their memories. However, it doesn’t work, because we take our mind and memories with us into heaven and our next birth, as you know.

Primal traumatic experiences may last several days, months or years.  A traumatic parent, mom or dad can terrorize us for decades.  It takes time and patience to heal ourselves.  Each time we do it with a memory, we tend to have more patience with ourselves and others and we get better at it.  Some are not fun.  Some can be very nasty and painful.  Our mind and body can feel like it is in hell on earth.  It may take commitment to heal ourselves, but what else can we do.  We cannot escape our own mind forever, or can we?  We have already been reliving our memories for hundreds or thousands of years.  When is enough to motivate us to heal ourselves?

When I healed a terminal disease in the late 1980’s, I thought God would come down from heaven and give me a medal.  Instead, He gave me another terminal disease.  I didn’t think this was fair.  Then after healing # 2 I got another, and another.  I wondered how many I had to heal.  Then I realized that I had to heal as many as my family tradition gave me, plus what my lifestyle gave me, plus what the karma of my soul gave me.  Between 1988 and 1993, it was about 8 terminal diseases.    What kept me going was curiosity.  I desired to find out what life would be like without them? It is pretty wonderful!  Afterwards I had 20 years of boundless energy, peace, accomplishment, prosperity, love, and goodness of all kinds.  Life can be heaven on earth!

This past year, 2016, I have had a year of healing many soul memories.  It has been heavy but rewarding.  I had some months of being non-functional, but now I am feeling great.

The more spiritually enlightened we become the sharper our senses become.  As the senses become sharper, we enjoy the physical universe and physical pleasures more.  If we enjoy physical reality too much, we tend to forget the Source.  Then the physical universe becomes drudgery and dark.  Going back to spiritual enlightenment and spiritual purification is the only means to get back our bliss as well as the potential pleasure of our five senses.  We require balance, and to remember continuously that the Spiritual Energy is the Source of all sensual pleasure, beauty and fun.   Spiritual pleasures are the source of mental and physical pleasures.  We have to learn self-control.

The physical sciences are great, but are loaded with false and limited beliefs, mainly about the Scientist himself.

We may think that physical reality is more real, but its reality is totally dependent upon invisible Spiritual Energy.  It is amazing how deluded our minds can become.  We miss the most obvious Truth.

The aging research that seems to work the best is based on healing memories – body memories and emotional memories.  The theory is that aging diseases disappear by themselves if we can release the memories that cause the symptoms.  In this theory, senility symptoms are mostly infancy memories manifesting in the mind and body, but these memories can come from anywhere in our Life stream and history.  The ultimate cure can be described as endurance.   The idea is that we can out live these symptoms and the Infinite, Eternal Spirit Energy will automatically replace them with fuller aliveness and physical health and strength.  Our endurance has to be accompanied with consciousness and intelligence, and perhaps purpose.  Our belief or certainty of our divine physical body potential may save us if it enables us to survive our limitations and memories.  We tend to live from one memory to another every day.  Getting out of being ruled by our memories is practical spiritual enlightenment.  This may be the real anti-aging technology.

In this approach, memory loss is not memory loss, but too much memory.  Our memories are crowding our mind out of present time.  More can be said about this, but not now.  We do have control of memory to a certain extent.

The goal of the spiritual causation approach is the realization of our natural divinity.  This can only be achieved by relaxing into it.  The spiritual approach to aging research doesn’t take a lot of money or tools.  It mainly takes self-control and practical intelligence and self-knowledge.  We have to not get too excited about our symptoms and not develop great belief systems about them and get trapped in our dramatic memories.

One of the chief characteristics of senility is dependency.  Therefore, we desire to have someone else solve our senility problems for us.  We are looking for parental substitutes in doctors, therapists, medical science, etc.  When our infancy body memories take over our present mental states and produce pain or physical symptoms, we panic.  We desire someone else to solve the problem for us.  In the spiritual, mental approach to healing senility and aging, money may be required to pay the food and housing of people when the regressions and symptoms make a person non-functional and unable to work or to earn enough money to pay the bills.  I have experienced this dilemma many times and what I noticed is that there is something about this infancy regression that cuts us off from support from others.  This is a real problem in actually assisting people who are experiencing or are stuck in aging.   Subsidizing people through this healing process may take time.  But it will not work if the person does not have enough self-healing skills to work through the memories and their effects on the mind and the body.

Senior citizen facilities do provide subsidy, but they don’t have the healing technology of spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification with the elements, and the ideas of spiritual community that could make them actually work at healing the inmates or staff.   Social security is a good idea, it is good for the local economy as well as the individual.  We can be far more creative than we are right now with these resources.

The best possible healing system for healing actual aging people is a community of senility graduates or aging graduates.  Where do we find this?  Even my own environment can be a lot more efficient.

I invented a basic training that takes only 9 days to give people the basic healing skills for everything.  This 9 day training may not be enough, but it gives people something to work with that actually does work.  It is interesting for me to notice how much people can absorb and practice, even when they have the information.  The skills are called spiritual purification practices.  We can’t really learn them with words.  We have to experiment again and again with them.  Tens of thousands of people have done this training and are in process of mastering Life.  I recommend in the training that they all build a spiritual community in their local community to support themselves, but few people seem to do this.  The basic practices have to be practiced for a few years to develop enough experience with them to master them.

We don’t surrender to our natural divinity by believing in it, although believing is not the enemy.  We realize our natural divinity by being it.  We can be it without effort.  All effort and belief is not it.  Effort and belief tend to negate our natural divinity.  Our divine spiritual nature is the most natural part of us.  It is the biggest part of us.  It is the most powerful part of us.  It requires nothing but continual acknowledgement.  We are it.  The evil in our mind and life is created by it – by our natural divine power and health.  Illness or pain is a parasite, when we withdraw the power, the parasite dies and we live richer lives.  Memories block our ability to relax into our Diving Nature.

And yet, our conditioning and pain and misery created by our memory deceives’ us.  We allow this deception to rule our experience, until we sincerely question it.  Assistance from others can be very valuable if they know what we are talking about here.  Spiritual community can get us out of our delusions and self-deceptions.

ALL AGING AND LIMITATION IS CREATED BY OUR MEMORIES AND BELIEFS, unless we are creating them intentionally.  THESE LIMITED BELIEFS AND MEMORIES CAN BE CHANGED WITH A LITTLE OR A LOT OF MENTAL WORK. It is ok to use physical causations if they actually works, even if they are temporary.  So, our real realistic solutions can be complex, but we have to stay balanced, intelligent, and conscious.  We are the ultimate scientist in our own body and we have to be careful and discriminating in our experiments on ourselves.

Pills and potions created by the physical sciences, no matter how much money or credentialed scientists and universities, etc, are behind the pills, may produce only temporary results if the underlying beliefs are not changed and commitment to our natural divinity and our spiritual perfection is not acknowledged.  Oneness is behind all duality and multiplicity.  The One is always perfect.  It is all powerful.  It is always at rest.  Relaxation is basic to all healing and breathing fully and freely is basic to relaxation.  The transcendental state of the mind is also the Source of the mind.  Spirit and mind create matter.  All physical science is created by the Mind and Spirit in you and me.  Spiritual practices with the physical elements of earth, air, water, and fire is real spiritual as well as physical and mental science, but rarely known.

How do we realize a mind without beliefs?  How do we become the Source of our mind and our beliefs?  How do we live in the reality beyond belief?  It takes practice and experience.

The most simple answer is, one thought at a time.  We can rule our own thoughts, one at a time.  Getting rid of our next negative thought or feeling is the existential method of healing.  Our present negative thought belief or feeling is our only enemy.  The enemy is not our physical body.

The ultimate paradox is that we don’t even have to affirm it.  The Infinite, Eternal Spirit or Being or Energy is our basic reality.   Remembering this can replace all of our memories, physical and emotional.  We are already the Infinite, Eternal Being.  The physical universe including our body is continually being created and improved or destroyed by our mind and Spirit.  The paradox is that eternal life or physical immortality is easier than we think.  We may in fact be doing it already by not thinking.  Our Spirit is doing it automatically for us.  Can we relax and cooperate?

Can we accept the gifts that God has been giving us for centuries?

Our Intelligent Energy can create and maintain a perfect body.  We can become or are becoming the perfect adolescent male or female, or whatever image of youthfulness or age we desire.  We image it and we become it automatically.   This is the natural way the mind works.

This is spiritual science, mental science, and physical science!  The Truth!

The supreme paradox is that the Infinite, Eternal Spirit can only know Itself with the mind.  We can direct our mind to dwell on the Eternal Qualities of our Natural Perfection which sustains us forever.

Babaji thinks we can create heaven on earth today, because He has been educating us to be spiritual adults more and more during every lifetime we have had.  Can we live up to this expectation this time around?


Truth, Simplicity, and Love,

Leonard D. Orr