When we think of grieving often the first thing we think of is in the loss of a loved one. However, we experience grief with any major life change or loss of any kind; Divorce, relationship changes; changing homes and locations; loss of income; change in lifestyle; health crisis ; loss of safety or sense of safety or security.

      The The Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale details the 43 life events that are most liable to create feelings of stress/grief, and in turn cause illness and other health-related problems.

      Coming to terms with the losses we experience in our life is some thing we are naturally equipped to do. Our early childhood experiences with loss lay the groundwork of conditioning and establish a blueprint for moving through grief. Some blueprints are helpful, others less than helpful, and most some combination of both. 

      The result of internalizing ‘less than helpful’ information, just as with other unhealed aspect of ancestral trauma that impact our early childhood experiences, this conditioning may lay the groundwork for interrupted and incomplete emotional expression; what I refer to as, ‘grief interrupted’. The emotional weight of this burden is compounded over the course of our lives and more draining and exhausting over time. 

      No one is suggesting that we forget our loved ones or painful past events. We can, however, allow ourselves to become ‘emotionally complete’ with what has already happened and is beyond our capacity to change or control, and move toward acceptance, bringing our life energy and attention to the present reality; to ‘what is’.. 

      In ‘Introduction to the 16th Biggie: Significant Loss and Grief’ seminar being presented through RIBA, ( Rebirth Int’l Breathwork Association), we explore this topic in context of our own life experience and move along the path of emotional well being. As well as how we can be of being of better support for those in our lives who are grieving. 

      Over the years in rebirthing trainings forgiveness practices and other exercises and practices for becoming emotionally complete have been incorporated into a curriculum. The 16th Biggie is a way of insuring that this all important aspect of the healing journey receives due attention. 

      I hope you will explore this with us in some form and decide for yourself. We are putting together a 3.5 hour seminar on March 5th, 12:00 noon EST / 9:00am PST. To register contact me at: peacearnold1008@gmail.com

In the future we will offer a 2/3 day ‘deeper dive’,  and a 9 day residential experience in Grief Recovery. Stay tuned.  We are looking forward to ‘catching up’ with you and the journey forward.

V Arnold – Peace 
Rebirthing NYC