I have been neglecting my personal reports, not because I have nothing to share, perhaps because I have too much to share.  I not only seem to have dipped into another layer of birth trauma, but also the infancy consciousness that produces senility symptoms.  On top of this are amazingly strong layers of past life memories, not the objective movie like memories but emotional trends.  The layers of feelings are so strong that they take over my mind and body and make me feel so miserable that I become paralyzed and non-functional.  It feels like negative mental mass that is heavier and stronger than physical matter.

It is amazing how busy the mind can get with its stuff.  In my book on victory over senility I mention that the memory lapses of old age are not lack of memory, but too much memory.  When we have too much memory competing for our attention we are taken completely out of present time. We have a tendency to totally forget what we are doing in present time.

I have recently had the worst days of my life, and in the middle of two of the worst days, the best day of my entire life.

This essay can be titled ‘the contest between the memories of the emotional mind, pure energy, and our Natural Divine Mind.’  It is about my war between the 15 Biggies of Human Trauma and Breathing into them and Thinking and feeling out of them.  Life is a conflict between the memories of our emotional mind – the 15 Biggies, and our Intelligent Energy – that perfect, eternal, biggest part of us.  We can win the battle each day by returning to the Space Between our Thoughts and the practices with mantra, earth, air, water, fire, and spiritual community.  The Divine Energy of the elements and pure Space can dissolve the negative emotional mind.

My best day was not bliss, but clarity.  It was amazing how clean and clear the clarity was, how beautiful and good it felt.  It lasted a few hours.  It felt so good, it didn’t seem to matter what I did.  I was doing manual labor in my pasture, cutting bushes that had grown out of control while I was away from home too long.  The clarity was so expansive and perfect, I couldn’t think of anything special to do with it.  I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Then the next day I was back in the noise; so much noise in my mind and feelings that I was non-functional again.  The clarity of the day before was just a memory, but I know it will become a wonderful new constant state.  I continue to do the work of feeling the pain, the emotional states of discouragement, chronic depression, hopelessness, and helplessness, betrayal, and whatever my conditioning delivers to me each day.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is from my memory or the EEP of employees and other customers at the supermarket, or my empathy with my trainees and friends, including my wife.  Each day has been a struggle for peace and joy.  Gone are the days of blissful suppression.

I am treating these feelings as if they are my own.  It is difficult to separate my own memories from the memories of my trainees that I process for them.  This is however a factor.  I have noticed over 100 physical symptoms occur in my mind and body during trainings.  My body sometimes gets taken over by the group mind during a training and I get my body back by the end of the training or soon after.  I have served a few hundred people in the last year.  It may be impossible to measure how much of their 15 Biggies energy sticks to my Energy Body for a longer term and precisely how it interacts with my own collection since conception and before.  Regardless of exactly how I got what I am dealing with, it is now mine until I get rid of it, so it is more simple to think and talk about it as if it is just mine.

It is also amazing how our intense pain and misery, when it becomes a memory, is totally forgotten and becomes insignificant at the level of the conscious rational mind.  But when that memory comes out of the unconscious mind again, it can totally take over our lives.  Birth trauma when it is healed becomes totally insignificant. These traumatic memories, whether from this life or past lives always exist in the background diluting our ability to feel the fullness of life, but we can have success and even a form of spiritual bliss for years before they reach our attention and get healed.  In fact, it seems to take an unusual quality of courage and safety in our mind to allow these memories to come to the surface and be confronted and healed.  The healing may take minutes or years.

Most people die with their memories totally suppressed.  They would rather die than face their unconscious mind.  Eager beavers who excitedly heal themselves are still somewhat rare.  Healing the birth-death cycle is not talked about much in the media.

Learning, whether it is positive or negative, goes into the Energy Body through the solar plexus and when it comes out, it comes out through the solar plexus.  We can feel this in breathing sessions, fire sessions, when meditating in the bath, when we eat and defecate, exercise, and have social experiences or while meditating in or out of the transcendental state.  We can also feel it during sunset and sunrise.   I won’t take time to explain this, you can discover it on your own.

We can get re-injected with anything, just like we got injected the first time.  The habits of spiritual purification are the only cure as well as protection that I know of that actually works.

Some days I can be totally depressed for an hour more or less.  Then I lay down and do the mantra, or connected breathing, or go for fire.  It usually clears, but may come back a few hours or days later.  I usually wait for my regular bath times to use the water to heal it.  During the last month, I have had a few days and nights of continuous darkness.  It felt like the full darkness of my soul coming out for clearing.  I seem to be through the worst part, but we will see.

I was celebrating a few months this year of reducing my bath times to an hour or less, but for the last 2 months, they are back to 2 to 4 hours again.  I recently had a short one and felt great after.

It may be a good thing that most people can keep their traumatic memories suppressed until they learn how to heal them.  Of course, they do motivate people to die.  It is amazing that people can keep so much suppressed until death.  But this is what we call normal human existence.  The death may seem accidental, like an automobile accident that duplicates birth trauma.  It may be suicide, which can be motivated by the unconscious death urge or the parental disapproval syndrome.  It could also be a combination of religion trauma and others disguised as a desire to go to heaven to meet God.  It can be the ultimate despair of reliving past life accumulations of emotional memories which feel infinite – like an infinite blob or black cloud that covers all of life.  Some people die peacefully in their sleep, without suspecting that their suppressions motivated them to leave the body so they don’t have to deal with them in this life.

It is good to be able to laugh at ourselves and our case.  I laugh a lot.  I make fun of myself to Elvi and my initiated friends, who sometimes laugh harder than I. 

As I have mentioned is previous newsletters, suicide is now one of the largest causes of death, not only of teenagers, but of women, and middle aged men.  It is considered a holocaust by the authorities.   The unconscious death urge is becoming conscious and has to be dealt with in our society.

Our Rebirthing Breathwork movement is the most important work in the world right now.  Our work is urgent.  We are saving, and can save, the lives of millions of people, billions.  My service – my karma yoga for humanity still motivates me to work with or without my pain.  With your support I can achieve a better balance with my work and my own healing process.  The Rebirthing Breathwork movement is one of the fastest growing movements on the planet.  We can accelerate it and improve the quality of this work.

In the midst of all of my traumas’ emotional noise, I have functioned with total brilliance in the training center, maybe even because of it.  Sometimes I tell the truth about what I am experiencing in a way that the trainees can relate to it and experience extra healing.  Other times I ignore my state and give the trainees what is most appropriate for them.  I can also feel their 15 Biggie EEP on top of my own.

My darkness has been tainted with birth trauma feelings and symptoms, like a runny nose, frequent sneezing, and occasional coughing.  The darkness has been too frequent for too long – most of the time for the past two months.  I have been largely paralyzed by these generic dark feelings.   They contain fear; fear of doing the wrong thing or fear that I did the wrong thing and will be punished somehow.  And a big fear of what I call the sneak attack syndrome.   I own most of this as stuff from the depths of my own soul.  It feels very ancient.

Sneezing and yawning are official techniques of prana yoga.  My experience is that sneezing is usually processing more recent stuff.  Yawning processes really old stuff.  A yawn can move us into a birth memory or deep past life stuff.

My emotional memories have turned everything in my daily life into a tremendous effort and struggle.  This includes getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, getting my bath ready, getting dressed, choosing food, my exercises, driving my car, processing mail or emails, answering phone calls, etc.   As a result by afternoon I am totally exhausted.  The effort of moving through this heavy cloud of emotional negativity all day has prevented me from focusing or completing many things that I should have done like answering mail or phone calls.  Facing my inbox is like an overwhelming burden that I choose not to face at all.  Facing or not facing my incompletions causes another layer of depression to take over.

I am feeling like an overwhelming fear and guilt from a past life or many past lives is taking over my present feeling life, as well as the birth and infancy feelings.  It feels like I am facing all of my negativity at once in an overwhelming package of negative feeling that takes over every day.  It is a fear of doing something stupid which causes me to do stupid things.

So far the stupid things that I have done have been little things without major consequences like cutting a finger or walking into a spider web, but my stupid mistakes create bothering results.  I have often dropped a spoon like a baby does – really simple and stupid things.  I walk into furniture or fall down also like a baby.  The fear of making a mistake sometimes takes over my mind while driving.  It is a state that my mind slips into.  When it is not in this awful state, my mind is clear and normal and life is beautiful or at least fairly normal.  When my mind slips into this negative state, everything is miserable.  When I get out of the bath, everything seems depressing.  The food in the refrigerator depresses me, the food out of the refrigerator depresses me, everything that I think I should do depresses me.  My exercises cause me pain.

My exercise habits seem stupid, but when I do them, I feel a little better.  Exercise can heal emotion depression even if it comes from past lives.  Exercise is one of the biggies of spiritual purification.

I did one big stupid thing several days ago that could have actually killed people on the freeway, but through Babaji’s grace He turned it into an innocent big healing catharsis for me.   The way it worked out was a major catharsis for me.  It is amazing how Babaji has assisted me through all of this healing by making me more conscious of what is really happening.  I have been smart enough to keep reading books about Babaji and His teachings.  The key is to know when these feelings from the deep past are taking over as we recognize the quality of the negative feeling that possesses us. It is important that we are intelligent enough to go for healing as a full time job when we are in this state of being out of control in deep negativity.  Forcing ourselves to be productive can cause real harm, if the negativity manipulates us to create big mistakes.  We have to learn how to take care of ourselves.

The negative mental mass from the distant past feels totally solid.  I can feel it mainly in my solar plexus area.  It is physical pain although it is emotional memories.  Did you ever notice that usually new learning goes in through the solar plexus and old learning comes out through the solar plexus?

If we have ever fought in a war in a past life or been killed by a human or an animal sneak attack, we have this fear of something jumping out to harm us or kill us.  This fear has been bothering me constantly for over 6 months.  It has become a constant part of my healing process.  The sneak attack syndrome is a major theme from lots of past lives.

Being connected to our actual guilty aggressions, it is not just an emotional guilt, it is actual guilt which did deserve punishment and may have brought about one or hundreds of previous deaths.  However, the emotional memories are still with us, not only of the evil violence we did, but the punishment as well.  We obviously haven’t finished paying our karmic debts.  If injustice makes us angry in this life, there are lives when we were guilty of doing the injustices.  Our anger is the flip side of our actual guilt when we were the nasty one doing the evil deeds.  I had one day with the fire when all I could feel was generic hatred.  It was a big blob of hatred.  When I read descriptions of hell in the Bible, the Koran, the Shiva Purana, and other Scriptures, I can feel it.  I have been there.  I can remember suffering in hell.  It is reasonable to assume that all of us have spent time in hell as well as heaven.

Let’s look at the sneak attack syndrome.  We have this lingering fear of something or someone attacking us.  If it happened before, it can happen again.  Birth as well as past deaths happened.  Many of us were yanked out of the womb. We have this lingering fear that they can happen again.  Someone or something or our stupid mistakes can destroy us without our permission.  We can’t see it coming in time to prevent it.  If we trusted in God in the past and it didn’t work why do we think it may work in this lifetime?  Trusting God or Babaji is a lingering problem – a very practical problem even though Babaji has saved me millions of times and prevented millions of stupid mistakes.  There is always the fear that He may allow me to learn from my stupid mistakes next time.  How much mercy or spiritual welfare protection do we deserve?  Trusting God is not so easy.  We can be thankful continually that the mercy of God is actually infinite, regardless of whether we deserve it or not or can be grateful for it.

This fear of the sneak attack syndrome makes me alert when in am in nature.  It makes me super alert while driving.  While driving it is actually an intelligent benefit.

  • -There is fear of insects and bugs.  Flies torture us constantly.  Then there are mosquitoes.
  • – In Brazil there are no-see-ums.  I got bit by one of these several years back and it took me three years to get rid of it.  The bite looks like a simple mosquito bite, but doesn’t go away.  The insect goes deeper into the body.  It can actually be fatal in a few cases. This year I got 6 of these bites when I was in Brazil, but got rid of all of them in a couple of months.
  • -Sometimes I find ugly crawling things on my neck – like strange looking worms.
  • -Fear of the mistakes of other drivers and my own stupid mistakes.  Ever fear a driver pulling out in front of you when they don’t look properly?  Ever almost do it yourself?
  • -Fear of snakes, spiders, and creepy, crawling things.
  • -Fear of or getting hit in the face by tree branches flipping back that I pushed aside.
  • -Too often getting holes in my skin by the prickers of berry bushes.
  • -Fear of someone watching me.  Babaji of course is the eternal witness of our minds.  He is always watching and often protects us.  He also has to protect us from ourselves.
  • -Last week I ran into a big tree branch and cut my head right at the point of my crown chakra.  This was just one of my stupid mistakes.
  • -Sometimes seeing energy moving in my aura is amazing – flashes of light, darkness, colors, strange shapes.
  • -Sometimes I feel energy movements on different parts of my body that supports the yogic theory that the body is 84,000 energy channels instead of cells and organs and atoms of Western science.  We can obviously experience many of our organs, but the human body is largely still a mystery.  It is amazing to notice how much we control and how much we don’t control.

These fears condense in a feeling of darkness that is overwhelming and paralyzes me to the point of not being able to do anything, but go into nature and build fires. That seems to be the only thing that moves and heals the feelings, or I escape into sleep.  The feeling is not mainly fear, but a huge dark blob that takes over my entire consciousness. I am being possessed. It is usually concentrated in my solar plexus, which is the counterpart or point of the intense back pain that I usually experience in the morning.   The feeling is so intense it creates a vague kind of intense physical pain in my solar plexus area, but is emotional and all consuming.  My mind stops, my creativity stops.  All I can do is focus on moving this energy.  The negative emotional memory dominates everything.  It is like a physical barrier in my mind.

Sleeping doesn’t usually work.  It is just a temporary escape from the exhaustion. Fire purification works.  It was a full day with the fire and fasting that brought me that beautiful day of clarity.  I can feel the negative energy moving and get lighter every hour I can spend with the fire.  Chasing around for wood and branches to keep the flames high is also good exercise.

My fire purification definitely qualifies as Babaji’s idea of Karma Yoga, which He says is the supreme yoga of redemption for this age.   Karma with japa.

Usually the fire only takes a few minutes to lighten the pain of the negative energy concentration, but sometimes the fire concentrates the pain and makes it very intense before the release.  This has a dynamic:

  • The constriction inhibits the breath.  Then the fire empowers the breath.  As our inhale is empowered by the prana from the fire, the intensity of the pain gets released with the exhale.
  • The release of pain on the exhale also empowers the next inhale.  Eventually the pain is released by the relaxation induced by the fire empowering our breathing.
  • Fire contains prana, it is pure power.
  • Fire can remove our pain.  Fire can and does heal all diseases if we allow it.
  • This kind of fire power can heal us.  It is healing me more and more everyday.
  • I am very grateful for the healing power of fire. 

Water contains prana, food contains prana, movement moves prana, breathing can fill us with prana.  Even thinking can stimulate prana.  We can also get prana or at least some common sense or perspective from others.  People are a source of prana as well as EEP.  People are a mixed bag, which is why l love the elements so much.  Theoretically, the transcendental state is the pure feeling of prana.

Even my computer is attacking me by doing stuff without my control.  The negative feeling gets projected into everything.  It takes over my mind and life.  I am forced to devote my full attention to this ugly feeling.  I try to go into it and see the past life narrative.  Sometimes I can get some content, but it is too vague.  It is mostly just this big blob or cloud of negative feelings.

As an adult I have always felt intense anger about injustice.  When I hear about an injustice in the news somewhere in the world, the intense anger feeling is automatic.  I have experienced so much betrayal by people in the rebirthing movement that being in injustice personally doesn’t bother me that much.  I just notice it and realize that until people heal their traumas, betraying others is normal for them.  I seem to be more activated when I see others damaged by injustice.  This of course includes the stupidity of the United States Government in the world.  It includes the myth of democracy.  And the stupid slavery of our debt based money system that everyone in the “free” world has to deal with everyday.  If people stay ignorant, do we deserve to be slaves?  The bankers have been betting on our ignorance for over 1000 years, so far it has been a very profitable bet for them.

Fear and anger are two sides of the same coin.  These are perpetual parts of our past life memories, especially when our previous deaths were caused by being trapped in various kinds of injustice.  Our protest against injustice may have been the cause of our death.  The enemy somehow killed us.  These kinds of experiences accumulate in our memory or subconscious.  Without specific content they are just floating memory states of mind that can take over, like they are doing to me at this point in my spiritual growth.  The six basic techniques of spiritual purification is the only way out that seems to actually work.  How many actual immortals have you met?

I seem to be facing this extra dose of negative feelings from the past because I am home long enough to relax enough and feel safe enough to have space for them to surface.  As these old feelings take over I am out of control.

I am extremely grateful for you who have sent money to assist with the mortgage and expenses of the RBI Training Center that is buying me this time.  I hope the generosity of more people will increase until all mortgages are paid and I am more free to do as much spiritual purification as I like.   Being trapped by a mortgage is also a feeling of being out of control.  It is an actual reality, not just a feeling.  It is the reality of a responsibility, as is the reality of supporting my wife until she learns how to support herself as a totally healed being.  I am very grateful for Elvi’s commitment to total healing.

One of my dreams is to have a training center that is run by spiritually mature beings and is totally self-sufficient with our personnel working all over the world, as well as being a major adult educational center having a valuable impact locally.  Care to join us?

Being out of control is also part of the sneak attack syndrome – feeling out of control.  The fear may not be conscious, but is an ever-present alertness – a tension.  I am being attacked by my own feelings from the past.  It feels like they are controlling me without my permission.

Some days I feel totally vulnerable.  I don’t feel like doing anything, but going to build a fire until my relative clarity returns.  The darkness feelings are so thick that I can’t even make a phone call or answer a piece of mail.  Being paralyzed by the inner darkness makes me totally unproductive.  I have been feeling these unpleasant states most of the time for the last two months.  Fire purification is the only thing that dissolves these black feelings enough to give at least temporary relief, until another layer takes over.  I can feel the patterns get lighter or heavier with each cycle.  I can feel progress and realize that this past mind stuff is limited.  I know that my natural divinity will shine through eventually.  We can ultimately trust our natural Divinity.

This certainty encourages me to go deeper into the negative feeling states and get rid of them, but they still take over from time to time.  This summer this healing process has dominated because I am home for a long enough period and have enough support and leisure to deal with them.  I know it will be amazing to get on the other side and to feel that clarity most of the time that I felt during that one afternoon.  When I have several hours with an open flame in nature, clarity returns somewhat.

I am thankful that I have actually given myself 2 to 4 hours everyday alone in nature in addition to sleeping in front of my fireplace every night.  I can feel the results instantly as well as cumulatively.

Objectively, everything in my life is beautiful; my wife, my work at the training center, money is flowing in relative abundance, my basic physical health is good, except for the back pain every morning, and objectively I have a bright future in every respect.  When I do have part of a day when I feel good, I am very productive, but most days for the last two months have been horrible.  Subjectively, I am in misery.

My back pain is interesting to study.  It is not in a specific place – it moves.  But basically, it is in my core, my geographical center.  However, the pain inhibits my movement, basically my ability to bend over in a forward direction.  It has been constant in the early mornings.  When I start moving around, it lessens. Then when I soak and breathe in the bath, the pain lessens enough so I can function almost normally.  My physical body becomes my faithful servant, but the emotional darkness is still usually in control and dominates my time and activities.  The physical pain moves into the background most of the day.

A few days when I was leading the training, all I could think of was leaving the meeting.  The dark feeling cloud made even my most brilliant ideas seem stupid.  And of course I was feeling the EEP of the 15 Biggies of the trainees.  I just felt like running away.  But I stayed and did my duty, except for one morning when I did create a reason to escape.  I went home and to the fire.

Some mornings the pain is so intense, I can barely walk.  When I do move, bathe, breathe, consciously do some special yoga postures, the pain, for a few hours is almost totally gone for the rest of the day.  This past week I had the first days in which this pain did not bother me in the morning for the past two months.  This is good news.  I am making progress in my healing process.  Pain free days are becoming more common.

My massive amounts of fire purification are working, if you can call 2 to 4 hours per day massive?  It is interesting how the fire moves this generic dark energy.  I can feel it dissolve out of my body.  I can feel the fire removing this black energy from my distant past.  My mind gets lighter.  Each day that I have enough time with fire, another layer is destroyed, I may have a productive hour or part of a day, then another layer of past darkness takes over.  And I go back to nature and a fire.  Babaji and other immortal saints spent 25 to 50 years with the fire, clearing themselves.  Is death so popular and suicide taking over our society because this kind of spiritual purification is not in our value system?  How do we build spiritual purification into our culture?  Obviously I am doing the best that I can.  I have spread fire purification all over the planet as well as the breathing and other basic ideas.

There are now hundreds of new dhunis on the planet as a result of Babaji’s inspiration.

When I take two months for primarily my own healing, it feels like the world may be falling further behind.  Although we can’t overestimate the value of our work, we also have to remember that Babaji is in charge and is doing stuff in and through our culture to implement the mercy of God that is beyond the ability of our mind to imagine.  We can also add the feeling of being useless to our repertoire of negative feelings when we realize the actually liberating feeling that God can do it all without us.

So I continue to relax as best as I can, do what I can, and continue my healing process.

It is amazing how these emotional memories take over my feeling life and totally dominate me.  If I try to be productive, it doesn’t work.  I become grossly inefficient and actually do make stupid mistakes.  I avoid my car as well as my computer as dangerous threats to my well-being when I am in this state.  Going to fire in nature is a very intelligent act.  It is amazing how I give myself little hurts even there.

I am daily very thankful that my floating fears don’t actually manifest into form, they are emotional fears from memory that haunt me and terrify me.  Obviously, giving these feelings my attention and going to the fire with them is a good idea that weakens them enough so they don’t manifest on the physical or social plane.

I am thankful that I have the discipline and intelligence to do what actually accelerates my healing process even though giving the time to the fire sometimes makes me feel guilty and more unproductive.  Actually getting healed is too much fun.  The fear of being unproductive makes me more unproductive.  The time with the fire always makes me more productive.  Two to four hours with the fire can enable me to do more productive work in ten minutes than I would do in a whole day, if I try to be productive with these horrible feelings rather than to give them attention and heal them with mantra yoga at the fire.  I have had a few very productive days in the last week.

It is amazing how powerfully mantra and fire work together.  The result is that I feel I am entering a new era of productivity.  So far this summer it has been only in spurts, but each spurt feels better and actually is more productive.

I can also feel magical changes in my mind and body.  These are good, healthy expansions of physical and mental well-being and actual abilities.  The healing that I have experienced during the last two months creates more time and space in my life for greater creativity and productivity.  Each new level of clarity that naturally results from the healing from the fire makes me more effective and gives me more energy and creativity.  It feels like aging and youthing are going on at the same time.   I am voting for youthing, but my emotional mind is totally confused.   When I see an actual evidence of youthing, it cheers me up at least temporarily.

I expect these clear and productive moments to become more common as the negative emotional mud is washed away.  As my time with the fire becomes a daily discipline, my new feeling states become more dependable and constant.  It is amazing how much fire purification we may require to beat the game of emotional energy pollution as well as our real deep soul healing process.  We have to keep at it until we become as clear as Babaji.  It is obviously easier to become a millionaire than to become spiritually liberated.

I am able to measure the cost of EEP more clearly when I am not overwhelmed with my trainings.  My trainer assistants enable me to pace myself in a healthier and more balanced manner.  When I am not processing too much energy of my trainees, I am better able to notice the cost of going to the supermarket and see how exhausted this simple act can make me.

Babaji showed me fire pits that He used 200 years ago, 4000 years ago, and 60,000 years ago.  I saw caves with fire pits by a river that He used for 25 to 50 years for spiritual purification.  This kind of massive fire purification for the soul is not in our reality today.  It is fairly common for Tibetan monks to do 3 years or 8 years of silent meditation.  Taking these kinds of breaks is not common in the Western world.  Babaji does it because He asks us to do it.  In the Shiva Purana there are examples of people staying with the fire for over 100,000 years.  Are you ready for this?  How much obscurity can your ego tolerate?

We, in the Rebirthing Breathwork world are just beginning to discover the healing power and the spiritual power of fire.  Fire works!   Most of the rebirthers who have died already, died because of poor diet or lack of fire purification.  The spiritual power of fire is still a new idea.

Fire is efficient and effective, and pleasurable even if it does take manual labor to procure and supply the fuel.  The results are very satisfying.  The ancient Vedic tradition of fire yoga may be the secret to surviving modern civilization.  It is also true that the gifts of our civilization can support our time and convenience to give us more time for the fire. Winning the money game can accelerate our spiritual purification, if we use the time and resources with these values.  But most people use their leisure for more pollution in crowded social or entertainment events.

  Fire is a physical quality of God.  It is ok to spend more time with God.  I enjoy my comfortable fireplace in my home every night as well as my time in my jungles outside in nature. 

When I bought this 7 acres as my home 23 years ago, there was barely enough wood available for my personal fires.  Now I can hardly keep up with the abundance of wood to burn.  The energy of sacramental fires causes trees and all vegetation to multiply.  My land has become an unruly jungle in some parts.  It is taking a lot of burning and work to turn it into a beautiful garden again. Seven acres supplies me with an abundance of manual labor.  I am loving being home enough to do the work.

When I read about Tibetans or Buddhists trying to clear themselves with just meditation, I wonder how much more successful they could be if they added fire purification or a warm bathtub to their practice?  If we are intelligent enough to use the gifts of our civilization, we are very fortunate indeed.  There is nothing wrong in having an abundance of money to buy a truckload of fire wood for our fire purification or having an efficient and beautiful bath room for water purification.  It is extremely intelligent to spend our money on rebirthing sessions and trainings and all other forms of therapy.

Frequently during these last two months, I have also had amazing experiences of space, pure space, and the transcendental state that are spontaneous.  These spaces seem to becoming bigger and more common when I am not in a series of days dominated by the darkness.  Fire purification has cumulative effects that we can eventually notice.

Now my commitment to a morning and evening fire time as a discipline with Japa yoga is becoming more common.  I will keep doing this at least until the dark spots completely disappear. 

Our culture supports us to take a year or four years for academic training, but not for spiritual training, which is far more valuable.  Spiritual education is becoming a more important industry in our economy and our civilization.  I am glad to be a part of this.  Even before rebirthing, I noticed the illusions of being a spiritual healer.  It is a never ending job and is just another way to commit suicide.  I realized the only way to win the game is to teach people how to heal themselves.  This is why I created the one year seminar in 1974.  Unless people learn how to heal themselves, life is hopeless.  This is the real purpose of true education.

I have mastered the consciousness of being a self-employed professional doing personal work with clients, lectures, and workshops, and trainings.  I have been giving my 9 Day Training usually twice per month since 1981 and they are usually as full with trainees as I can handle.  Often serving them in a high quality way according to my standards is a stretch when I don’t have enough high quality assistants.

The 9 Day Training actually does make people more spiritually self-sufficient.  It gives people the tools of self-healing, but I notice that most people have to do the 9 Day more than once to actually get it.  The practices have to become habits.  Practice is more important than knowledge.  Actually changing people’s habits doesn’t happen in 9 Days.  When people are wise enough to take the practices home and work with them for a year and come back for another 9 Day Training, real learning is expanded.

I use spiritual principles to create this success.  I call it the Presence system of creating clients and students and business.  I have learned how to allow God to create my success with no effort on my part, except to do the service for the people when they come and which they pay for.  Some people are intelligent enough to spend enough time with me until they absorb this system of spiritual success into their body.  It cannot be taught with content or theory or words.  It can only be taught by intuitive Presence.  My system of training drives the rational mind crazy and this is part of the technique – to drive the mind out of its limitations into unlimited success.  If you are intelligent enough to seek this kind of training, I welcome you.  In some cases, it can actually be achieved in my 3 Week Professional Training.  This may be a good place for some people to start.  Are you willing to have more business than you can handle?  Can you handle unlimited success?

Naturally, I enjoy the enlightened people who have studied with me and are working with me for years.  They not only take, but also give a lot.  They not only give to me, but to the people that we serve in a high quality way.  Raising the quality of humans on the planet is very satisfying work.  It is the adult education business which God has been involved with since the beginning of time with higher or lower rates of success.  Participating with God in this business is something.  It seems to be a forever project.  We seem to be a long way from heaven on earth, but at least we can conceive of it.

I am very thankful for the support at the RBI Training Center this year of Susan Alden.  She is a mature human being and a mature spiritual being, she loves her work, she is a good communicator.  She is very highly motivated with ethical and spiritual values.  She has learned how much work she can do without overdoing her limits.  We deserve more such trainers at the training center.  We welcome high quality people who are in charge of their lives to join us.

Heike Strombach, Alfredo, Ciara, Fanny, Irene, and others continually brighten my life.

The training center, which we often call Inspiration University, is an amazingly effective program.  Everyone who completes the 9 Day or the 3 Week Professional Training here or wherever in the world we do them is amazed about how much they learned.  They rejoice in how much richer their life is.  Even people who have done the 9 Day Training 5 or 10 times are amazed at how much rejuvenation and reconfiguring of their minds they accomplish.

Working at the training center here in Virginia is also a worldwide opportunity.  Our trainees will invite you to go work everywhere in the world.  We support this, but we have to maintain an abundance of personnel to continue our excellent trainings every week of the year here in Virginia.  We desire more enlightened and experienced people to join with us in our extremely satisfying careers.

There is nothing in this world like an experienced Rebirther who takes people through ten high quality Breathwork sessions and gives them the ability to breathe Energy as well as air.  Giving people the Breath of Life, Enlightenment of the Mind, and the skills of spiritual purification is something.  It is a wonderful career.  It is infinitely more than a profession or a profitable business.  It is perhaps the supreme service to God, to ourselves, and to humanity and the universe.  It is a super way to heal ourselves and everyone and everything else.

Today is September 20, 2016.  Today I had the most sustainable productive energy I have felt in two months.  I had great fires both morning and evening as well as a better than usual fire in my fireplace that I slept with all last night.  I had less pain when I got out of bed this morning than I have experienced for months.  Yesterday I had a very big and powerful breakthrough with the fire.  I didn’t have much time with the fire this morning, but this afternoon I had a great fire and another breakthrough.

I am hopeful.  I will keep you informed.  It is now September 24, 2016 and I have made many additions to this essay and I have had more productive days.  Even when they led to exhaustion, my recovery is already faster.

Jesus, when asked the secret of Eternal Life said, “It is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and our neighbor as ourselves.”  He also added practicing the Oneness with God and each other in spiritual fellowship.  Moses said, “I set before you Life and death, therefore choose Life.”  We have to keep choosing Life.  The Shiva Purana says, “The total salvation of Spirit, Mind, and Body comes from practice.”  Practicing is more important than knowledge.  Babaji says, “That manual labor and loving service to others while remembering the Name of God.”,  is the secret to a rich life.

Babaji says, “I myself always recite the Name of the Lord; that is why I am happy.  Only those reciting the Name of the Lord with every breath are true karma yogis.  There is no knowledge without the Name of the Lord.  You speak so many words, but not the Name of the Lord.  Karma, japa, and knowledge together bring happiness and simplicity.  Love and devotion are essential.”

He also said, “In the womb you take a vow not to get attached, but as soon as you come out, you get entangled.  Your mind plays tricks on you.”

We run from one memory to another.  The Buddha said, “Experience creates memory and memory creates desire.”  It is too easy to be the victim of our memories.  The memories of each of our senses rule us most of the time.  We have to master giving more time to our Spirit so that the Spirit can rule our minds and bodies.

Several studies on the internet state the mortality rate of sitting.  The last one was entitled, “Sitting increases the death rate.”   I am not the only one who resents movement.  The joy of movement is also essential for a practical experience of eternal life.

Insurance companies tell us that most people die during the first year of retirement.  Even airline pilots, one of highest paid professions and in spite of the fact that successful people live longer, usually die within two years of retirement.

I am making progress, but I still notice I still have my resentment about movement that I wrote about at the beginning of the year as the major cause of my back pain.  The last two days I had almost no back pain, and I notice that I often still have my resentment about movement.  My precious time with the fire in nature cures both my resentment about movement and the back pain.

The joy of movement is a nice phrase.  It can be a nice reality and feeling when we can get into it.  I will keep reminding myself of this until it works.  It may be more important than we realize.  I am making progress with the joy of movement.  This year my resentment about movement I learned in infancy has reduced around 20%.

I am now closing my computer.  I am going outside in nature to the fire even though I am sitting in front of my fireplace writing this!  Enough sitting and writing for today, and I have a lot more to say.  I am now going to celebrate movement!

Truth, Simplicity, and Love,

Leonard D. Orr