Spiritual Healing and Money

Update from Leonard D. Orr

February 2016

LeonardOrrThis month’s report is of special interest to those of you who have tasted the healing of your birth trauma or would like to heal senility and old age early, or at least more consciously. I am interested in total healing and the mastery of Life that healing naturally produces.

My healing goes on. More birth, prenatal, and early childhood feelings coming into my body and emotions for healing. The common denominator is the intense back pain that has been going on for a month and half. I probably should call it middle pain, because it keeps moving around several times each day. The pain is most intense when I move, but on some days I could feel it while moving or not.

My affirmations are: I enjoy moving, I no longer resent movement, I love moving.

Elvi created a powerful affirmation yesterday: Spirit enjoys being Elvi. It is brilliant. Spirit enjoys being Leonard. It is absolute and always true. The more we can feel it, no matter how we are feeling, it is a healing deposit in our memory that will eventually take over. It would be fun to see what your emotional response column says?

Babaji calls His incarnation dramas – Divine Sports. We couldn’t do better than refer to our dramas as Divine Sports.

I resisted movement in the womb, because I knew from the first month that my mother didn’t want me. So I resisted movement in the hope that she wouldn’t notice me. This is an interesting personal law. Maybe some of you can relate to this? Then getting out of the womb was such a struggle that I gave up. The obstetrician came in and yanked me out. Actually, my embelical cord was rapted around my neck three times, and the doctor had to cut it before the final pull out. Our paranoia that something will jump out and hurt us comes from this kind of memories, as well as various past life deaths. Rebirthing teaches us that our fears are memories. Cesarians usually have a fear of knives. We fear being out of control. Most death belief systems are based on this fear.

It is ok to be noticed and honored and loved and appreciated.

So I resent movement. It is loaded with feelings. And I resent being forced to move or do something even more.   Can you relate to this? This resentment is so overwhelming it has caused persistent pain for over a month. I often can move the pain out with fire and breathing in the bath. Fasting and all the other practices also keep it moving. It moves every day and seems to be back in the mornings. We subliminally relive our birth trauma every morning when we wake up, but we keep supressing it until senility usually. And if we suppress then, we die. Rebirthers are more likely to face these memories early than other people, so I hope this discussion is helpful. My 3 wives went through senility in their 20’s and as a result never lost their youthful beauty. There are many advantages in healing it early. It is happening more and more with people working close to me. A senility graduate is a natural catalyst. We are pioneers.

My body pain started just before Christmas. It is now mid Feb. It has disappeared completely for only one or a few days since then, but it feels like I am coming to the end of it.   My time with the fire always moves pain. I like to go outside in my pasture and build a big fire each day before my evening bath. The fire always reaches something deep inside of me and moves the pain out as it empowers my breath. My time breathing in the bathtub also keeps it moving.   The pain and feelings have continued to come on, layer after layer. One and a half months of pain to remind me of my early decisions and the feelings that caused me to make those decisions. Fasting moves it. Sometimes lower back, sometimes upper back, sometimes front. When it is strong it is disabling physically as well as emotionally.   Often I can get rid of it by end of day, feel almost nothing when I go to bed, then it returns when I get out of bed in the morning. It is a fascination symptom.

In this infancy body memory, I felt the EEP coming from my 5 older siblings, 1 brother and 4 sisters. I gave them all copies of my Breaking the Death Habit, but they never mentioned any interest. Only one is still living. When we are helpless infants for 2 years, our siblings have lots of opportunity to pick us up and mall us. Babies are so cute and often get treated like dolls. People are not trained to respect the natural Divinity of infants or even small children. Rage, anger piles up the more we are not able to express it in infancy, as well as during birth trauma. It gets added to our bank of memory. The suppressed rage makes helplessness and hopelessness more solid for the rest of our lives. It obviously takes over the bodies of old people.   Senility is primarily infancy consciousness. Now we have adult diaper sections in all supermarkets.

It is the job of parents and adults to protect the natural Divinity of children, and it is the job of children to heal their parents. The punishment for not doing this is that we become our parents. How many people do you know who know how to consciously treat babies and children as divine beings. When a child somehow survives having their natural divinity from being destroyed by adults, they are called gifted children. I like finding these children and giving them the special support they deserve. Some of you know that I used to have a special training every summer for adults that was taught by these special children. I paid them for being the trainers.

Rebirthing is more than a passing fad. It is a major part of our life’s work as individuals. It is our main work – healing the soul.

Thank God for the practices with earth, air, water, and fire. My fast days also accelerate the movement of pain out of my Energy Body.  My Energy Body is moving all day long, there are constant changes in the pain all day. The pain moves from lower back to upper back to middle back to front, sometimes to my rear and sometimes to my thigh. Exercise also assists in moving it and releasing it. Stretching into the pain always moves some of it. When I had a similar pain, even more intense as part of my senility process in the early 1990’s, walking 24 hours per day was the thing that saved me. I had too much pain to sleep.

It seems like each morning I get a new load of pain, a new layer to work with. The times of freedom seem to be getting more frequent. I am thankful for the progress. The memories also become more obvious. The dominant memory is resentment about moving. And, of course, not being able to move as an infant. Atrophy sets into the body during infancy. This atrophy makes us lazy and resentful of movement our whole lives. Healing this pattern before death is very rare. You can see it in all old people.

Because of this major healing experience this month, I decided to be more gentle with my fasting. It is not a good idea to make ourselves weak when we are in a healing crisis. I might have to do a year of preparation this year before I am ready to do the 40 day fast. We will see? This particular healing process was a big surprise. It has taken longer than I expected. Since it will soon be history, I may be ready for my big fast by summer?

Babaji said, in 1979, “I will be glad when you heal your birth trauma.” Here we are almost 40 years later and I am still working on it.” I had many birth memories since I healed my death urge in 1967, many from time to time, during my senility years from 88 to 93, hundreds, then in 2002 many for about 6 months, last year on my birthday a big one which took a week primarily. Interesting stuff has been happening for over 6 months since Aug 15, I shared about my rash which lasted for two months, and now this – quite intense for a month and a half so far.

Birth trauma includes prenatal memories and early infancy. Sometimes called primal therapy.

It is amazing how memories can take over our mind and body. When my mind is preoccupied with these feelings, it is very difficult to be in present time and be productive: physically, creatively, socially, financially, or spiritually. I feel like doing nothing and just like to be left alone. I just noticed that I have even been neglecting the Mantra OM MAMAHA SHIVAIYA and other basic mantras, except during my bath.

A few years ago I developed a powerful group of mantras to use during my bath, because I spend so much time in the tub, that I usually don’t have time after my bath to do the mantras. Doing them in the bath solved this problem. I like it when I can do two productive things at once. There are about a dozen special mantras which Babaji gave me. I only do each one 3 times twice per day. This is not a big time commitment, but the results are magical.   Memories can even block out our healing mantras. So my bath routine saved me and the power of each mantra kept moving my breathing. I notice that it is always easier to work with my mantras when I am staying with people who do them or when most of my trainees do Japa as a normal part of their spiritual practice. Spiritual community works on many levels.

If you are interested in knowing these mantras, send me a donation and I will send them to you with their meaning and use or you can ask me about them during the next 9 Day Training that you do with me. These mantras have kept me going. Each mantra empowers my breathing. They have kept moving the pain, which locked up my breathing so I couldn’t breathe away the pain. Working with this special group of mantras in my bath twice per day has meant a lot in my healing process. It is amazing how inhaling into each mantra empowers my breathing. Without this boost from the mantra, my breathing is so locked up by the pain memories that I cannot move the pain. The mantra empowers my breath and moves the pain. Mantra is the most powerful form of meditation. Mantra takes us into Source and brings Source into the mind and body in a very special way. Mantras which have basic spiritual integrity are words that last forever. Most other words come and go.

The first Scripture verse about physical immortality that I memorized was “Immortality is given to him who unravels the ignorance of his youth.” I am still doing this. The Scriptures also say, “To be immortal we have to become the unborn Eternal Spirit.”   Actually, not only birth, but all the traumas of this and previous lives are in the way of us feeling like the Unborn Eternal Spirit. We got ourselves into our mess, now we have to get ourselves out. It doesn’t happen overnight. We have to do the work to get the benefit.

It is amazing how these memories can take over and block our experience of our Divine Perfection. It is efficient for them to keep getting our attention until we heal them. But this reduces our productivity and bliss and energy. I also notice that I had several smaller memories on and off for the last 8 months. There effects disappeared in a few hours or days. This is the biggest one so I must feel safer. We have to feel safe enough to feel our memories. We have to feel safe to be non-functional. I had just enough money to make it through January with the gifts that came in, so Babaji planned that I would have no new trainees at the training center during January. This worked out perfect for my healing process during January. Trainees started coming in February again. Usually the training center is full when I am home.

I am also happy that Susan Alden showed up to be our new Training Center Director. She has been in rebirthing for almost 40 years. She is very practical and an excellent communicator. She is doing an amazing job. Maya was fantastic while she was here and Alfredo is also here for a month. Dr Kamayani is also a very responsible member of our staff.   Elvi supports my healing process at home and does a fantastic job of caring for our animals. I appreciate this love and support very much.

We can also taste the bliss feeling of the Transcendental State when we breathe or think our way into the Transcendental State. Staying in the transcendental state all the time and having it be our normal and natural state is the goal of daily life. This is the key to practical immortality. We can let all of our traumas go. It takes as long as it takes. We keep working on the biggies until they are all healed. The order of healing them is controlled by our emotional mind and our Spirit. We can only heal what it feels safe enough to face. Suppression of our feelings is even more dangerous. The mantra makes it all easier. Perhaps no one, except for the great immortal masters have much idea what is actually in their emotional mind. The biggies give us a place to look, but what actually comes up and overtakes us is usually a surprise.

I am glad that I can heal these memories as just pain instead of more fearful physical damage. Most people suppress until death. Or until they think that physical intervention is the only way to solve the problem. So regression is the cure for suppression. Our way in the rebirthing movement of seeking our new spiritual growth experiences seems to be quite wise. Spontaneous regression is very effective, but sometimes the timing is inconvenient. We can even suppress with mantras or affirmations. The emotional response technique is essential. I am using the mantras to empower my breathing so I can relax into the pain even more and see the memories. AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA always moves energy, it changes the content of energy and information, and connects us to the Eternal Divine Source. Our policy of aggressively going after the pain and healing seems like a good idea. We are fortunately to have so many methods that actually work. Spiritual purification are magic words. Spiritual enlightenment and spiritual community makes it easier.

The Shiva Purana says that AUM and God are the same thing – that AUM is the original word for the Source – billions of years into the past. It has a special power. It still works. However, our healing process may take 50 to 100 years. Our impatience is part of the problem. Infancy definitely feeds impatience. Stupid adults around us don’t seem to understand what we expect from them.

Babaji says, “Do not think of what you were. Think what you aspire to be. You have to fit into the Divine Plan. The Divine does not have to fit into your plans.”

The Divine plan seems to require that we heal our stuff. It also gives us the means if we are open to receiving the information and practicing what actually works. Shortening our pain and non-functional habits is not necessarily a bad thing.

Spiritual practices always dissolve our old reality and create new reality. Babaji says, “The wise do spiritual practices.”

As you know believing in physical immortality or committing to it, is not enough, but it assists us in healing the death urge. Physical immortality ideas enable us to feel safe enough to investigate our dark side – to look at our negativity, death urge, and pains. It supplies a motive for ultimate healing. Then we have to actually heal the emotional mind. This is not a theory. This involves healing senility and aging as well as birth and infancy, the parental disapproval syndrome, school trauma, past life karma, the death urge, etc. Now for me it involves healing my primal anger about moving and not moving, not being able to move and my resistance to moving. The key is to stay relaxed and practice Babaji’s advice which is to outlive all the traumas of the emotional mind. Ultimately, outliving our case is the goal of creating heaven on earth. One friend said, “The earth already is heaven, everyone who doesn’t figure this out has to leave.”

Even with all my traumatic and disabling healing experiences, my past has been dominated by bliss. Now in mid February 18, 2016, the bliss is taking over again. Life can be so beautiful and yummy.

So I probably resented leaving heaven, resented leaving the womb, have resented moving and giving up my dependency of childhood, resent living in our screwed up world, resent processing the energy of unconscious and ignorant people, and resent my own resentment. But it is all healing.

I can enjoy both rest and movement, I am free. I can now move without resistance or pain. I love movement. Moving my body is basic to pleasure, health, and living. This month I have had to convince myself of this because my deep feelings of resentment about moving have taken over my mind and body. A few days ago was the first day I was able to touch my toes since Christmas. The end of my pain is near. I usually only have pain in early morning before my bath. It disappears in my bathing routine. Breathing in the bath works. I always use my snorkel in a way that works also. People all over the world continue reporting how healing the snorkel habit is. This simple discipline heals all kinds of things.

Almost everyone resents getting out of bed. When I was a young adult I planned my whole life so I didn’t have to get up before noon. Babaji changed all that. I had no idea at the time that I was being controlled by my infancy trauma.

Look how we resent interruptions. People resent being interrupted when they are on the phone, when sleeping, at meal time, when we are relaxing, and when we are concentrating on something. Some families require all family members to shower and dress up for dinner. Some even understand the role of EEP at work or school as a motivating factor in this family tradition. My wife Elvi gets livid when someone or something interrupts her sleep. I remember when I used to absolutely refuse to budge at certain points during sleep. Many people die in home fires because of this. We resent movement and interruptions, especially when we are unconscious. Compare this with most dogs. If my dog is sound asleep, and I just move a little, she is up and ready to run or play instantly. Most humans are not like this.

Infancy lessons: mostly from apathy.

We resent routine. We resent interruption of our routines and habits, even though they are killing us.

We like criticizing others. Hate it when it is our turn.

We love being touched in some places by the right person. We hate being touched in some places, especially by the wrong person.

If we can get someone else to get something for us so we don’t have to move ourselves to get it, we will ask for assistance. We resent having to do it for others.

In sports, we love stress and movement. Otherwise we hate it.

When we are stuck in feelings, it is an opportunity to heal infancy – senility. If we can heal enough of them early enough, perhaps we will never grow old. Wrinkles are the sign of suppression.

I may not be finished with my healing process, but it is most interesting and I try not to resist itl

How many people do you know who have healed these basic infancy trauma syndromes before death? Death is a way of getting out of movement and interruptions – we become permanently stiff – permanent resistance. Death is permanent resistance or involuntary spiritual purification for us when we are not willing to do it voluntarily. I am realizing how fundamental this collection of resentment really is in the human condition. Maybe I am creating another new biggie – resistance to movement? These insights are the gifts from my pain. Each time I notice the memory causing the pain, the pain gets less. These insights are gifts of my pain to me and you. All symptoms are either, the Spirit and body healing the mind, or the Spirit and mind healing the body. In this case, it is my Spirit and body healing my mind. I feel so much clearer and thankful.

The incorruptible saints whose bodies do not decay for hundreds of years have solved this movement problem. Just being there is a form of service and enlightenment to others. Is this your goal? Would you like to have your incorruptible body put in a plastic box for hundreds of years as an inspiration to others? Both Catholic and Buddhist Saints are inspiring us in this way. Is healing yourself too much trouble? If you can stay conscious, it will happen by itself.  The pain becomes insignificant when it is past. I can’t now remember the suffering or what it felt like, I only remember the memory. The memory has no pain.

Regarding money, I am very thankful to you who have supported me and the training center through my healing so far.   It made the difference and enabled us to survive. Your gifts bought me valuable healing time. It seems however, that I am not to depend upon the Rebirthing Movement for my support. I have to find other ways to win the money game for me and the training center. I notice now and when I was senile totally regressed for 5 years, that this state tends to push away outside support. When we are in need, the need increases. When we are in abundance, the abundance increases. Babaji said, “We can accomplish anything through karma yoga? Service always puts me back into abundance. Service can also be very healing, even of the ancient karma of our soul. All service earns merits and cancels demerits.

I have found some good MLM money games, if any of you are interested, let me know. I won’t bother others who aren’t. At least one of them is international – it works everywhere on the planet.

It may be good to make some changes in the way I work. It has been suggested that I charge for this newsletter. The recommended amount is 25$ to $50 per month. Some people who read it say it is more valuable than this.   Since a few readers resent me asking for donations, this would solve this problem. We would trade subscription price for donations. If you have thoughts about this, let me know. lenraja @ hotmail.com , PO BOX 1026, Staunton, VA 24402.

Our biggest problem with my newsletters is that only about 20% of the people who get them open them. If people paid for it, they might be more likely to open it and benefit.

Others love my requests for donations. They notice how clean my requests are. There is no manipulation, no promises, except that I will spend the money wisely and with joy. There is no disapproval or guilt tripping. No gifts promised, not even address labels. I just do simple and clear requests for donations to keep things running more smoothly. People assume that I am rich and how would they know otherwise if I don’t keep them informed.   The fact is that I have always earned more money than required for my personal expenses and not only give ten percent to people for God. I practice that generosity is the best investment. During most of my career I have given over 90% of my income for the training and healing of others. Adult education is my favorite charity.

Since I won’t be spending your gifts on me personally, you can have confidence that I will use them wisely for a good cause. One giver who was moved to send a gift this month addressed her check to Elvi and said in a note that she can give the gift to the cause, but it is not necessary. The important thing was to spend it with joy. Another giver sends me more than I can receive tax free each year, so he sends some of the checks to RBI so that I don’t have any taxable income.

I like receiving checks in the mail. The source of the thrill is the love that comes with them. I appreciate loving and joyful givers.

I have a new major article about One Year Seminars. It is not possible to franchise rebirthing, because it takes too much experience, responsibility, and wisdom. These things can’t be bought with a franchise and they can’t be taught. The only people who are capable of buying a rebirthing franchise are people who have healed senility and probably are at least 150 years in the same body – actually, in 150 years your body probably won’t be the same body. You get the idea. I consciously un-organize the rebirthing movement to survive on the love and the ability of the self-employed professionals or self-motivated individuals who share it out of love in a non-professional way.   This way fewer people get hurt. This way God gets to run the movement. The breath comes from God directly. Incapable people tend to fail early.

Good rebirthers must possess love, intuition, gentleness, communication skills, prosperity consciousness, experience and wisdom. Most of these cannot be received in any training setting. They all take lots of experience and responsibility and Divine guidance. Intuition and love come from self-realization – inner spiritual realization. My trainings create a context to teach this to a maximum level that is possible, but years of experience serving clients is required to teach a person to be a great rebirther.   Rebirthers who take about 50 people through at least ten sessions are often the most competent and beautiful people on the planet. They sometimes become the most adept healers available. Care to join this exclusive group?

It is possible to franchise One Year Seminars, because they do have more learnable content and a more specific structure and abilities and goals to teach. It may take as much Divine wisdom to be a participant as to be a leader or organizer of a One Year Seminar. One Year Seminars tend to keep people alive and to keep Rebirthers alive and successful. They are very healing and powerful. Do you know any immortals who didn’t have an enlightened spiritual community? They tend to fill our lives with success, joy, meaning, and healing, as well as fellowship and rich friends.

If you are interested in starting or joining a One Year Seminar, please let me know?

Starting several OYS’s after my 5 years of senility saved my life as well as my real estate and supported my family. OYS’s are ideal in every respect because the quality of the members improves each month. The participants are more fun and easier to work with every month. Every month there is less EEP. If you are interested in joining one or starting one, let me know.

We have one in Virginia the third Saturday of the month. We have one in Ashville, NC the last Saturday of the month and in Atlanta, GA the last Sunday of the month. Others will be starting soon.

Enough for this month, have a good month! I enjoy hearing from you. People are still amazed that I answer my own emails, and even my telephone when I am home, as well as my postal mail.

People who participate in my trainings tend to become so self-sufficient that they don’t have to consult me much, but I enjoy it when they communicate regularly with news about themselves. Sometimes once per year is enough, but I haven’t connected with some of my favorite people for many years, perhaps they feel I am too busy. With the internet, we can easily communicate wherever we are.

The internet is both a blessing and a curse.

See you next month, if not sooner.


Each time I come out of the non-functional state, the intuition and invisable power is amazing. In 1967 I was non-functional for 6 months, in 1981 for a year, from 88 to 93 my senility course lasted 5 years, in 2002 I went in and out of it briefly during 6 months, and now I came out of most of the last one which, except for a few days here and there lasted for a month and a half. Each time I feel like a new person with powerful new energy. It is hard to beat the combination of Energy and Peace.

I will start at this point in my next report.

Truth, Simplicity, and Love,

Leonard D. Orr