The Sacrifice

By Leonard D. Orr


Sacrifice is popular in some religions and not so popular in others. It’s most simple application is to trade one thing for another. Christianity teaches that Jesus gave his body on the cross to save others. Did it work?

One of his main teachings was eternal life and his resurrection proves that his idea of eternal life includes the body. This is the whole point of the resurrection. This is Easter month – April 2017. Did his resurrection sell eternal life – physical immortality? What will it take to make the idea as popular as death?

I had a friend who liked smoking cigarettes. He was very sophisticated about it. He would smoke until he got precancer symptoms. He studied all of them and when he got one or more of these symptoms he would quit smoking for 3 months or a year and half if necessary until his body cleared the symptoms and then start smoking again, until he got symptoms again. I watched him do this at least twice while I knew him. He is now just a memory. He appreciated the ability of rebirthing to clear his symptoms faster.

I don’t know if he is still alive.

One of the early great rebirthers realized that the reason she smoked was not the nipple addiction to the breast, which smoking simulates or attempts to satisfy, although this was a factor. She was after the sensation of having something in the lungs, like the amniotic fluid in the womb. She realized her addiction to smoking was to recreate this memory of being in the womb. Birth trauma is not only a dry mouth for the first time, but empty lungs. Smoking doesn’t help dry mouth. It also doesn’t really satisfy the memory of full lungs. Perhaps only drowning under water does this.

This realization didn’t assist her in quitting smoking cigarettes.

In our One Year Seminars, we started the baby bottle movement. People would bring their baby bottles to the seminar filled with warm liquid: milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.

The OYS members got so much satisfaction from this that they would also take their baby bottles to work or use them on the bus or while driving to work on the freeway. This practice also gained them the shocked or amused reactions of other drivers, bus passengers, or co-workers.  It was a perfect intro into a discussion of rebirthing.

One year a few rebirthers had their baby bottles on our trip to India. While traveling with Babaji they dealt with the reactions of Indian devotees. Babaji told them that it was a good idea. In one book about the old Herakhan Baba, it relates that Babaji Himself once nursed on a young mother.

The baby bottle is a much more satisfying experience than cigarettes.   The practice has healed many smokers. We should make it popular again now that pot is legal and is making so many people brainless. I have lost lots of my good rebirther friends to pot. Pot smoking young sadhus in India die in the millions every year. They think they are doing it for spiritual purposes. The science on pot is tainted, don’t kid yourself. It doesn’t take a phd. in science to watch your friends become brainless. Even if they somehow manage to feel better, they still get brainless.

In the good ole days when relatives of pot-heads cried when their children or friends went to prison for possession, I noticed that after the crying, they were glad they didn’t have to deal with their non-functional behavior anymore while they were in prison.

It is amazing how we humans think we can violate simple health laws and not receive the consequences. We think that God will punish other people, but not us. Eating dead animals is of course the most popular way to kill ourselves. This is real illusion. If the consequences are not instantaneous, we think they will never happen. We sacrifice our amazing bodies for superficial pleasures.

I met a new rebirther who was struggling with quitting smoking who moved to Virginia to get the support of our spiritual community. While there he took care of my animals during one of my trips. My favorite dog got throat and lung cancer and was dying a horrible death. My friend realized that my dog was sacrificing herself for him. He took her to the vet to put her to sleep and paid the vet to dispose of the body.

He gave the care of my animals to someone else, because he didn’t want to kill more of them and left the community. I never saw him again, but the last time I heard from him, he was still struggling with quitting and was participating in a rebirther community. He apologized for killing my dog.

Countless pets, children, and teenagers sacrifice themselves to save the stupid adults in their environment. Does their death work any better than the death of Jesus?

Think of the millions of innocent people who are sacrificed to smart bombs. Why do we need Jesus to motivate us to participate in politics when men, women, and children are sacrificed almost daily to motivate us to be conscious citizens?

Most children are sacrificed to their parent’s death urge. Parents sell death to their children. Listen to the great preachers sell death to millions of listeners on radio or tv, in spite of the fact that Jesus did his best to sell eternal life.

We deal with this principle of sacrifice everyday as we routinely process the energy of others in our environment. We sacrifice the pleasure and cleanliness of our own Energy Body for love and friendliness. So far in human history, only the basic spiritual purification practices have solved this problem of sacrifice, consciously done or unconsciously done. Each spiritual purification practice done actually works to lessen unconsciousness on the planet. It brings us back to bliss.

Taking a walk, exercise, can empower our breathing and clean our Energy Body. A bath can do it. 20 to 30 minutes with a fire can do it. Even 20 connected breaths can sometime bring us back to bliss. Working with AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA or other favorite words can restore feeling good.

I have been experiencing so much Space in my Life that often the mantra is the only pleasure I can think of. No food attracts me, no friends, no trip in my car, only doing japa lying down or walking or doing the mantra while building a fire in nature appeals to me as the most pleasurable thing I can think of to do with my time. It seems that this is getting close to liberation while living.

The principle is the awareness of our own Energy Body and knowing when it is clean and how to clean it. This spiritual ability is not only the secret to our longevity, but to our experience of joy on a daily basis. Our joy of Life largely determines our success in the world, our health, and our ability to love and our well-being. Spiritual purification is the eternal secret to the Joy of Life.

We do have to learn enough spiritual disciplines of pleasure to give us something to do instead of indulgence in superficial physical pleasures. We have to have something to do with our time if we only eat one meal per day or fast one day per week. We have to be intelligent enough to fill the time with japa, 20 connected breaths, other basic breathing exercises, or simple mind occupying habits. We have to find some spiritual practices that give us as much pleasure as eating cookies. What are you sacrificing your cookies for?

Working with the mantra AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA can produce the greatest pleasure we are capable of. When this becomes a practical experience, we have something to do when we have to give up cookies or other superficial pleasures.

There are spiritual pleasures, mind pleasures – nice thoughts worth dwelling on, and physical pleasures. Think about it: physical pleasures can put us into bliss, whether it is driving our new car or our favorite foods, but they are fleeting. Various thoughts can make us feel good, but thoughts are also fleeting, it is the pleasure of returning to Source, the Source of our mind and body that is the ultimate and permanent source of pleasure. We can master this Transcendental Space – it is always with us. We can dwell in the Presence of God all the time.

Do you know any other source of learning about the Energy Body other than Babaji and the 9 Day Training in Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification? I watched Babaji during His last years intentionally stop the purification practices, breaking His own ashram rules to cause His own death. There were times when He didn’t even bath once per day. He said that He was dying for the pains of the people of the world. He consciously illustrated the principle of sacrifice for our learning. Did it work? It obviously did for me! I learned about the dangers of the guru principle.   This is when I mastered the principle of emotional energy pollution.

Perhaps setting an example of what works is better than sacrifice? Living our Divine Nature in our everyday ordinary Life is the ultimate service to God and humanity.

When we can choose the mantra or other favorite words over the taste of our favorite food, the touch of our favorite person, our favorite smells, our favorite sights, or our favorite music, we are beginning to experience spiritual liberation. But how long can we do this? Can we do it for one day, one week, one month, forever? How long can our spiritual preferences last? When do the senses take over again?

How long does it take us to reduce our food intake to one meal per day? How long is it sustainable? What about one meal per day and fasting one day per week?

Dashara Baba says that the Herakhan Ashram is broken. It no longer works as it is intended. The locals also don’t do the practices and are always fighting with each other. Westerners have been accused of turning the temple into a party center smothered with drug use.   Most Westerners go there to take rather than to give. Heike Strombach has given more to locals, priests, and ashram residents, as well as to the local school than anybody. She even manifested toilets for the teachers and students of the local Herakhan middle school.  Imagine that, a middle school without toilets for students or even teachers?

She and I started a project to get hungry street children off the street in nearby Haldwani. Young girls sometimes had to prostitute themselves to get food or money for food from local businessmen. Children live on the streets in cities all over India. They sometimes become very angry and violent as a result of the way they are treated. I once met young girls between the ages of 5 and 10 who threatened to attack me physically if I didn’t give them money. I was interested enough in them to find out how they got so angry. The government and the social systems don’t take care of them.

The Herakhan Ashram and every community requires several conscious yogis.

How are we applying the principle of sacrifice in our lives? What does love, caring, giving mean?

Most people are willing to sacrifice their bodies for the popular deathist beliefs in our society. Most people believe that death is more powerful than God. This is the philosophical basis of our habits which systematically kill us. Do you believe that death is more powerful than God?

I have noticed that when people do my 9 Day Training, they usually glow with light at the end of the week, and have the first taste, at least, of a clean and balanced Energy Body for the first time in their lives.

Then they go home and live on this beautiful feeling as long as it lasts. Some continue the practices that got them there while in the training and some don’t. I have noticed that people who don’t do the practices usually do not return for another training and to get reinjected with understanding and enthusiasm for them and for Life. They usually surrender to the world and go for death. Cleaning and balancing the Energy Body is not yet popular. Death is very popular.

I was shocked when I realized that the trainees who were most likely to return to receive the training again a year later and often each year after year, are the people who made a sincere effort to do the practices at home. Why do these people who do the practices between trainings continue to attend the trainings and pay for them annually?

They tell me it is the most valuable and pleasurable time of their year. Repeating my 9 Day Training is a good idea. Participating in this training regularly can make everything else in our lives work better. Paying for the training again and again usually produces a positive cash flow in every aspect of their lives. Prosperity consciousness means creating money out of nothing but our personal connection to Infinite Being and Infinite Intelligence, and creative service.

I myself have practiced the 9 Day Training in rebirthing and spiritual purification every week since 1981, when I created it. It hasn’t hurt me. Some people have repeated the 9 Day Training dozens or even hundreds of times. They tell me they get more out of it each time. Nothing is more powerful than knowledge infused with Energy. I notice that I have new Energy and Revolutionary Knowledge every week. I even love attending my own training, over and over.

I heartily recommend that you make this 9 Day Training an annual event. Watch how it pays for itself in time, pleasure, and prosperity. It can enrich your Life forever.

I personally accomplish 2 to 10 times as much in a week when I do the practices than when I don’t. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to be able to participate in the 9 Day Trainings usually twice per month, if not every week when I have trainees every week.

Sacrifice? Why not sacrifice a little time and money for Life? It is a wonderful trade-off.

The 9 Day Training normally is offered every week of the year in the Rebirth International Training Center in Waynesboro Virginia, as well as the 3 week Professional Training. Our training center is also called Inspiration University. I. U. may be the largest university in the world with over ten million students in some stage of personal mastery. We are influencing history. If you would like rich satisfaction, get involved.

We continually invite those of you with experience and ability to participate in our staff leadership. Some leaders contribute once per year, some more often. We honor competent and experienced Rebirthers.

The mind and the breath are the king and queen of human consciousness. Spiritual enlightenment and conscious energy breathing are the two most valuable and practical abilities you can learn.

People keep asking us to double the price of the 9 Day Training as well as of our food and lodging. They say they have paid more for trainings elsewhere with not a fraction of the value. I have considered doing this many times. I keep deciding not to raise the prices, except by donation. You can pay double our prices of $1008 for the training and $540 per week for food and lodging if you like, but we can live with our old prices to make it more available to more people. Our supreme value is to serve you. Excellent service is our goal. Naturally, we appreciate people who are generous toward us. Graduates often contribute regularly for years or forever to support our work. This generosity enables us to give scholarships from time to time as well as make repairs and improvements to our training center facilities.

Your generosity also makes my life a little easier. I am grateful. People think I am rich. But the fact is that I live from month to month. I tend to spend my money on worthy causes every month and start every month from nothing. When people who have benefited from rebirthing and my ideas send gifts in the mail, pay pal, the website, etc, it tends to accelerate our effectiveness.

I keep the 3 week Professional and Healing Training at $2600 which includes food and lodging, because I value training high quality rebirthing breathworkers more than anything. Every new breathworker, adult educator, who leaves the training center is contributing more to the quality of Life on this planet than anyone I can think of. They are contributing to the quality of your life as well as mine. We see real healing take place all the time during the trainings and afterwards as a result of it.

When will we experience the pleasure of your participation at our training center next?

It is popular to sacrifice our bodies to old age. It is as dumb to do this as it would be to think we have to cut every tree when it loses its leaves in the fall. Senility and old age symptoms are just the leaves of our useless memories falling out of our consciousness and our bodies. Regardless of old age symptoms, 99% of our body is still perfect. People are attached to these falling symptoms and develop medical belief systems about them and use them as an excuse to leave the body. All old age symptoms are just memories. They are energy and information trying to get our attention so we can release or forget them. The Shiva Purana and a few other great Scriptures tell us that outliving senility and old age to conquer death is our Divine duty. When we do, and get good at it, eternal youth becomes a natural quality of our Divine Nature. Our Spirit never gets old. Our ability to think is eternal and infinite always. It is only our useless knowledge that has to fall away. So what if we feel empty and naked without these old beliefs and memories. We are preparing for Spring – the richness, beauty, and life of Spring.

A body memory that freaks us out is just information impressed in Energy. The energy is real. The information is optional. Being attached to obsolete information and beliefs is death. So most people think they have to die to get rid of their old beliefs.   They are doing it all the time. Physical death is the only way most people know to get free. Actually managing our mind and feelings and learning from the body to be perfectly healthy is a new idea. Death is far more popular.

The only science of aging research that works is in our own body, learning from our own infinite and immortal body. Eternal life is a good idea – Jesus said so and he died to prove it. Are you willing to celebrate your eternal life every Easter?

Are you willing to sacrifice your misery and drudgery for eternal life? Are you willing to sacrifice useless habits for joyful ones? Are you willing to give up your comfort foods and feel fantastic all the time? Jesus did it! He did most of his sacrifice on one day. We can now celebrate our Natural Divinity one this Easter Day.

Truth, Simplicity, and Love,

Leonard D. Orr