The Physical Immortality Consciousness Consultation


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By Sara Dawn with articles by Leonard D. Orr

First published in 2016, this consultation was used by Leonard in his training center in Virginia, USA with great reviews from his personal trainees. Written by Sara Dawn, this consultation is the culmination of her years of work leading seminars on physical immortality and healing the death urge. It includes Leonard’s articles ‘Two Powerful Words; Physical Immortality’, and ‘The Body Mediation; Victory Affirmations’.

Physical Immortality can be a modern day lifestyle and way of living.  These practices come from his learning and observation of yogis who have lived for a very, very long time, more than the Western mind has ever been conditioned to comprehend.

If you are interested in longevity and going for total healing and physical mastery, this consultation is for you! You can use this text not only to practice, learn and contemplate ideas about Physical Immortality, but also to offer as a consultation for your clients, friends, and family. This can be done for free as a gift, a barter, or professionally with a financial exchange. This consultation itself can be a vehicle that supports life and prosperity.

As Leonard Orr says, even if you don’t believe in or achieve physical immortality, exploring these ideas can give you a more fulfilling, enjoyable, and rich life.

Welcome to the Physical Immortality Consultation. This is more than an intellectual exercise, it is an experience and purification. It can increase your quality of living and level of happiness, satisfaction, joy, and gratitude to no limits!  We are here living Eternal Life. It’s here in the eternal moment of Now. It is never to late to begin.  The opportunity is present each moment of every day. So let’s have some fun!


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