The tithes and gifts this year and especially since summer, have enabled me to have the space and time for my personal healing. I am so thankful to you generous friends!
Even the change in brightness and energy and flexibility in the last month is an amazing contrast from the pain, confusion, and relative darkness that I felt a month ago. All summer I was avoiding participating with people as much as possible. It is amazing how my love of service enabled me to do a good job when I was teaching during this time. Love lifted me out of my darkness when I was engaged in this loving service at least until I finished my contribution. Then I would slump back into my funk or more precisely the mud overtook me again. We can step out of it by concentration, but the healing continues as soon as we relax. Our patterns can be suspended or suppressed temporarily, but we have to face them sooner or later. For me this year is obviously later. The human mind is so amazing. I was having a good time serving people for over 50 years without realizing what was hidden in my unconscious mind. Now is my time for healing.
Now, in December, meeting with people and serving them is attractive, I no longer feel resistance. I am almost completely back in top form. I still find that working in the training center every other day instead of every day serves me well. I am also thankful when the income from the training center pays its own bills. This means that your future gift support will enable me to do more healing and be more creative in the ways that I serve the rebirthing spiritual purification movement.

I have been redeeming myself from past life karma all summer. For me now it is the biggest biggie. I have experienced this summer that my past lives were not only events, but feelings. The feelings just felt like a huge mass of mud. They completely took over my life. Perhaps the real reason most people are not more interested in our past lives is we intuitively or not so intuitively know that they are mostly boring, perhaps depressing, and meaningless lives. We unconsciously wonder, why know about them?
This of course raises the question? Is our present life also boring, depressing, and meaningless? What would a good life look like? Is our present life a waste of time? Is realizing the American Dream of dying with our home mortgage paid a worthwhile goal? Does getting through life without hurting others and staying out of prison a good life? How much cash in the bank or the stock market makes us worthwhile?

Indeed, is heaven just as boring? What do we do in heaven besides float between one feeling or memory and another? Is the goal of this to purify or clean the mind enough to reenter life as a relatively innocent infant? Will we do anything worthwhile in our next life or will it be more of the same? Is the goal of a good life to make it through school, then work, then family, then death, and then back on the wheel of karma? Do these thoughts make you depressed or creative?
I am reading an amazing book by the famous philosopher Soren Kierkegaard called THE SICKNESS UNTO DEATH. He defines the death urge as the sickness unto death. The sickness that causes death is despair. He does an amazing job with it. Of course, he didn’t have the solution. The book however raises some very amazing and complex insights.
Is the goal of spiritual laziness to dissolve the soul so we don’t have to come back? If the soul is just energy and information, then it can be annihilated and absorbed by the mass mind like the body is absorbed by the earth. Our individual existence disappears forever. Perhaps this is happening to most people. They practice spiritual laziness in the hope of non-existence.
What does a meaningful life look like?

— Does it mean meeting Babaji once?
— Does it mean making money and winning the money game? How much is enough?
— Does it mean being a good citizen? What is that?
— Does it mean seeking God? What does this mean?
— Does it mean finding God? What does this mean?
— Does it mean being good and kind?
— Does it mean all of the above and more?

What is the purpose of our life? Do we have one or is the goal just to survive the month? Do we have a gift of loving service that is a consuming passion? What can we give to others that is truly valuable? Indeed, what is valuable?
Will they appreciate it if we do?
Is it even valuable to ask these questions?

In my case, giving people the gift of the Breath of Life seems to be important. But what do people do with it? Do they just breathe better during their boring existence? Does it give their meaningless life a little bliss? It is good to give people the idea of physical immortality so that they have more choice about their meaningless death, even if it is a little more conscious? The question of living forever is the same question of doing something worthwhile for a day, a week, a year, or a century? What does your day look like today?
Is the purpose of spiritual enlightenment to make the money game more fun? Teaching spiritual purification and spiritual community does give people more bliss – it can make our meaningless life more blissful. How valuable is this? And what if we give people the secrets of Life and they don’t practice them? Are other people a waste of time? Is it possible to relax and feel the love of other people? Is our goal to feel loved?

What are we doing here? Is there anything to do that is actually worthwhile? Is there any good reason to make a difference? What does difference mean? Is food and sleep the motive for action? Is supporting our shelter, our refrigerator and supplying us with an infinite supply of comfort foods the reason of our existence. Really, do we just live from one memory of pleasure to another? Experience creates memory and memory creates desire. Is our goal to repeat as many pleasurable experiences as possible? Are we the total slaves of our desires? Do we even think about this question? Are we actually a zombie acting like a human because we don’t think of anything better to do?

Do we actually have a worthwhile purpose for our existence on planet Earth? Again, what is actually worthwhile? Do individuals have a Divine job?
Do we have anything planned for today that actually excites us? Or is living for a few comfort foods enough? Are we just going through the motions to have something to do to occupy our time until we die? Do we really expect heaven to be better? Hopefully, we aren’t bad enough to deserve hell? What does bad enough mean?
Right now I am enjoying mocha almond fudge coconut milk ice cream with pure maple syrup on it. Can heaven do better than this? Is this a God meditation or does the bliss of pure meditation on God exceed this pleasure? Does God as Nothing and Everything feel better?
These are very practical questions.

I have only one answer. Staying tuned into Source is the real meaning of fun. When we are connected to the Infinite, Eternal Spirit we can be in bliss and feel good no matter how meaningless what we are doing is. Is this Source the source of my sense of taste that enables my ice cream to work? Does believing that God gave me the maple syrup because He loves me make it taste better?
But this is only a partial answer. Is there something meaningful that we can be doing with our time and Divine Energy? Is there something more meaningful than ice cream?
This of course is your new year’s meditation.

We each have to evaluate what we did last year to see if we wasted our time and life? We each can soul search to see if we can find something that is actually worthwhile to do with this year of eternity. Is what we think is worthwhile valuable to others? Do we value the opinion of others? Do we value God’s opinion? What human activity would God like to see us engaged in? Does He actually care what we do and how we end? Would He eat my coconut ice cream if I offered it to Him?
When I actually met Babaji in Rome one day, I did take Him for gelato. He accepted it, but He didn’t seem all that excited about it. I was so spaced out by His presence, I don’t remember what flavor He took?

Babaji actually said that humanitarianism is something worthwhile. What is this? How do we motivate ourselves to do some? Does it mean providing comfort foods and shelter for others? Does doing this actually have some value? Does teaching others to love God and others have value? It is valuable for us to set the example?
Babaji taught over and over in His Herakhan Baba body that doing the mantra AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA during work was the highest good. He also said that continually repeating this mantra kept Him happy. Have you tried this?

For me, filling my day with the practices of mantra yoga, reading the Scriptures, doing practices with earth, air, water, and fire feels exciting. I also make time to teach valuable truth to others that makes them happier and more spiritually enlightened. It seems to work for them at least temporarily. I love it when they maintain contact with me and keep me informed of their spiritual progress.
Healing my emotional mind and feeling more Divine Energy feels amazing. It actually feels like something! Although I know from experience that after it is integrated, being more Pure Spirit means having nothing to show for it. The more we become pure Spirit the less things or emotional baggage we have to show others. True purity has no visible evidence. Maybe it is just a feeling that only we can feel? But I notice when I meet another person who has this feeling, my feeling feels even better. This is what spiritual community is all about. I have noticed that other people increase their income as well as their happiness just from spending time with me and being in my presence. Maybe having a high personal presence is our ultimate gift to God as well as humans and animals and nature?
So the Infinite Eternal Spirit is everything and nothing. Is our goal to turn everything in our mind and body and material world into nothing? After Nothing, is there anything to do but recreate Everything? What kind of Everything would you like to create? Are you so burdened with what you have created that there is no room for more? I actually do have this problem. Achieving simplicity in my possessions and life is a very important goal for me.

God obviously likes Everything as well as Nothing, He has kept it around for at least 12 billion years and intends to keep it working for several billions more. Does everything keep disappearing into nothing and reappearing into everything? How does this work? What is our part in it?

There is now plenty of evidence including statements from Babaji’s own mouth that He would like to perfect heaven on Earth in the next decade. Are you ready for this? Would participating with Him in bringing this about be meaningful activity? What would you do to make it happen? I would really like an answer to this question from each of you???And then after we are living in Paradise, what would you do to be meaningful? What would be meaningful in heaven on Earth? Do we have to create enough pain to be motivated to recreate heaven? What does your heaven on earth look like? Is it more sex? Is it more comfort foods? Is it becoming a breatharian? Is it having more money than you can spend? Is it work and family?
This may not be such an easy question to answer. But it is a question worth putting into the hopper of our soul searching for this year.

When I discovered self-improvement, I started with reading the Bible. This was really fun and satisfying. Then I became aware of the damage done to my psyche by my family conditioning, mainly by my mother. I spent many years healing this and in fact still am not finished.

Then I discovered my death urge and realized I had to heal this or it would kill me. I did such a good job with healing the death urge and feeling safe in my own mind and body that my birth trauma memories came to the surface. I have gone through many stages of healing my birth trauma.

I have gone through many, many stages of learning how to use my mind for something worthwhile rather than something negative. I am still working on this. In the process I searched out and learned from actual immortal masters including Babaji. From them I learned the process of spiritual purification with mantra, earth, air, water, and fire, as well as harmonious relationships.

I was inspired by them to live through senility and old age and become a senility graduate. I am still working with this theory. The theory is to not resist our conditioning and its results in our mind and body, but to heal everything with spiritual practices as it becomes practical problems. I am still working with this theory. It seems to keep on working.

Healing the karma of past lives was always a question. Recently it has become a full time job. I have described my recent adventures in recent newsletters.
What is worthwhile? It seems that the more we heal ourselves the more we have to give to others: wisdom, energy, insights, inspiration, actual love that they can feel. The basic form of these gifts is the power of our Presence. Having a high personal Presence may be our ultimate gift to the world. Maybe even God likes it? It definitely feels good to us!

Maybe keeping ourselves is a constant state of feeling good without comfort foods is close to a worthwhile goal? Does this mean surfing on the Source? Right now, feeling the Space between my thoughts feels better than my mocha almond fudge with maple syrup, but the maple syrup does make a difference.

Do we think that healing our own mind and body is worthwhile? How do we do this? Does it only mean paying attention to our own life? Do the practices with the elements really work? These practices keep making me feel good every day. I will keep working with them as long as they keep working with me. And during this process of self-healing and spiritual practices, how much pain do I have to endure to get free? Totally free? What does this mean?

Although I have been working with mantras, mainly AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA for over 40 years and Babaji told me a few years ago that I did it over 24 million times, it is still not enough. Babaji once told me that I only had to remember it once with full meaning and I would be a total master. So far 24 million times has not produced the full meaning and the results He told me about. This mantra has produced numberless miracles and peaceful states and abundant energy and practical benefits. It does work? I am encouraged to continue doing it until I realize all my goals. It is practical.
I am noticing recently, that the mantras that I am working with have more power and produce more healing each time I remember them. The results of working with mantras are feeling measurable. My mind and body are changing more rapidly. Healing past life karma seems to be dissolving faster. Changing my states each day is becoming faster and more predictable. Is healing ourselves and others a worthwhile goal?

Change, of course, means that temporary insanity is more common. I have to rediscover who I am several times a week. This sometimes feels like everything is meaningless. It can be so intense that going through the motions in front of me is the only thing to do and making sense out of it as I go is the only thing to do. Is this a form of faith?
When the clouds clear, it really does feel good and seems to make some sense. Confusion is a high state that leads to a new order. We can enjoy the roller coaster ride in our own mind even though it is scary and uncomfortable. It is always exciting if not meaningful.

So it seems that we were stupid, unconscious, unethical, brutish, evil, unkind in many of our lifetimes. We killed others and were killed by them. We still seem to deserve some pain and punishment. Body problems reveal this process of karma. Our body is the victim of the healing of our soul. I have seen wounds from past deaths appear on my body and disappear without leaving a scar or trace. The body is always innocent. It is such a great teacher and savior. I continually bow to my own body. I continually respect the soul and mind of others. I find this makes relationships easier.
Remember, teaching with our Presence is the ultimate technique. It can be fun and profitable. This is the ultimate success – loving and being loved.
Maybe these thoughts will make your new year more meaningful?

It is ok to think deeply! It is ok to figure things out and be intellectual about it all. The mind of the Spirit is all there is! We are in it together – all of us. Sharing our process is very important.
Each time we as rebirthers take a person through ten sessions, it doesn’t seem like we are doing much for the world. But in the 1970’s, Babaji gave the rebirthing movement credit for preventing nuclear war. Just as we can be harmed by the mass mind, we also are always enriching it with spiritual practices. Sometimes when I do fire purification in a new city or village, I can see the darkness lifting out of the atmosphere of the whole town. An interesting statistic is that I have noticed wherever the rebirthing training center is located the incidence of spontaneous hyperventilation increases at the local hospital. This cause and effect relationship has inspired a few rebirthers to put “Hyperventilation Specialist” on their business cards and meet with the nurses and doctors and let them know that they have a place to refer their hyperventilation patients to. We have also given sessions to thousands of doctors of all kinds. I have lectured at NIH, at hospitals, and medical schools around the world.
Two young doctors came to my lecture in Colorado and told me that they used rebirthing as their major treatment mode and that they emptied their hospital by healing all their patients. We never know what our clients can accomplish or will accomplish. Each of our clients that shares the breath of life with others is making the planet lighter. This doesn’t stop me from contributing also to the many environmental organizations that do amazing work for animals and nature.

This is the week before Christmas. We who are here will have fun at the training center dinner on Christmas day.

I am noticing that after my intense healing this summer, that my productivity is accompanied with mostly bliss for no good reason, but there is also a layer of unconsciousness present. This layer doesn’t prevent my productivity. It feels like a regression into some period of my childhood that occupies a part of my consciousness and feeling, even while I am working and being productive. I have felt it as early childhood as well as up till teen years. Part of the regression is having fun as a child. This feeling pervades my productivity. It is enriching my bliss for no good reason.
Evidently healing the muddy past life stuff has paved the way for feeling new childhood memories and regressions. Although I was damaged by my birth trauma and my mother, I lived in Walton, NY until I graduated from high school. It is a perfect, idealic small town of only 3000 people surrounded by mountains, with a river and brooks running through it. I still love visiting it, because I had so many wonderful memories exploring the mountains on every side and just walking in the town. It is small enough that I could walk everywhere. It was walking around town that enabled me to escape my mother and deal with the intense feelings of rejection and punishment. Walking restored my sanity as a child and gave me some peace. I am thankful for this childhood environment. During my teen years I worked a lot on dairy farms.

These memories are enriching my days. Perhaps they will trigger some of yours. My healing process gets more interesting every month. Now it is on an amazing upper. My body is constantly changing as well as my emotional mind.

Just this week I noticed that my walking ability no longer has that wobbly feel of infancy or senility that I have had all summer and fall. My balance is now perfect. When I got out of the mud of regression I got into my body. I am having the best time of my life being productive in my physical body. My senses are all getting sharper. I am thinking and acting in every way with more clarity.
My pain seems to be limited to when I wake up from sleep, either in the middle of the night or morning. Since the months of mud, I have been sleeping more – often 12 hours and a few times even 15 hours. My normal pattern is to go to the bath before sunrise. This has been difficult, even when I go to bed the night before between 6 and 8 pm. One night I awoke at 2 am and felt so good I stayed up all night until the following evening and felt great. I trust this will happen more often. I will keep you informed. Babaji says the sleep is death and death is sleep. This is worthy of meditation. In both cases, we leave the body. This idea takes the mystery out of death or the after-life since we go there every night. I have speculated that my intention of living forever in Spirit, Mind, and Body may be creating such a safe space in my karma that my excessive sleeping is enabling me to get death or the other world experiences out of the way in advance. Our dreams often process our past lives as well as our future ones. I am studying this phenomena and will keep you informed.


In the late 1970’s I created the name Inspiration University for the Rebirth International training center. I also used it for our publishing arm and international bookstore.
The truth is that Inspiration University has over ten million students and may be the largest university in the world. Our curriculum of spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community is easily the most valuable curriculum of any university in the world. Our basic courses may be too short – 5 days, 9 days, 21 days and even our one year course and 3 year course.
Our staff members are constantly serving the ten million students all over the world. We are enriching the quality of Life on this planet in every way. The people who appreciate this the most are the people who come to the training center regularly.

I have resisted raising our prices for 20 years. If I do the 5 Day training will be raised from $800 plus $300 for food and lodging to $1800 plus $800 for food and lodging. The 9 Day Training will be raised from $1008 plus $554 for food and lodging to $2200 plus $1400 for food and lodging. I prefer not to do this. My best thought is to give people who come for the old prices an opportunity to donate after reading about these new prices by the end of the training and thinking about them.
What has enabled me to maintain these prices for so long is a good amount of volunteer rebirthers and workers who cook, clean, etc. I am wondering how long I can count of this kind of support. There has also been a significant number of givers who have sent tithes and gifts in the mail that enabled us to survive and pay the bills of the training center. I am very grateful for this support and would like to see it increase in 2017 and beyond.

Our center facility can enable us to serve more people than we are serving, but we require more high quality rebirthers living in the area close to the training center to serve them. Recently we have been stretching our staff energetically to serve 2 trainees or 4 trainees at a time.

The training center model that I have used for 42 years is based on at least one rebirther for every 2 trainees. I often create this model all over the world with even 50 or 100 trainees. Doing it in Virginia requires training more local rebirthers. I have been doing this for the 22 years that the training center has been in Virginia, when I have been home. Having adequate leadership when I was traveling rarely happened. And there are hundreds of leadership opportunities all over the world.
Here at the Inspiration University training center in Virginia we require at least 4 full time trainers. Please apply if you would like to participate in the largest university with the best curriculum in the world. When we have more than 4 trainers, we can send them in turns around the world wherever they would like to travel and work. I don’t know of any more rewarding and satisfying career. It has kept me busy and happy for over 40 years.

May you have a happy New Year!

I finished 2016 with a 6th day fast. Man was it good to do that. It is amazing how much I left behind that was negative. I haven’t done extensive fasting since the 80’s. I plan to do more. I wrote an essay on the idea of Fasting One Day Per Week. Send me your email request to and I will send it to you. We may put it in a later newsletter?
I plan to go to India to see Babaji in March. Here is my schedule for those who are interested in going or meeting me along the way and way back.
Feb. 28 – Fly to Barcelona for a 9 Day Training with Irene

March 4 to 12 – Fly to India

March 14 Be with Babaji as much as possible until my 9 Day Training in Puna.

March 25 to April 2, Puna 9 Day Training. The organizer, Rajendra, decided to do only a master training limited to 4 people, so it will fill up fast!

April 4 return to Europe.
April 8 to 16 -9 Day Training with Heike in Germany.
Fly home on April 18th; Trainings in Virginia all the time, every week, until the Return to the Sacred August training in California, and in Virginia for rest of 2017.

Truth, Simplicity, and Love,

Leonard D. Orr