By Leonard Orr & Co.

Love is the immediate perception of Infinite Being in another center.

Love is ultimately self-approval.

Love is the willingness to process the negative energy in other people.

Love is making common sense, practical and responsible agreements, and keeping those agreements.

Love is living with someone who is always excited to see you.

Love is a commitment of two people or a community for total healing – to mastery.

Love is an experience of emotional and physical pleasure – of bliss. It can penetrate all the cells.

Love is a good feeling.

Love is the ability to communicate telepathically – to experience each other inside as well as outside.

Love is atomic and cellular resonance.

Love is effortless tantric orgasm that can avoid ejaculation.

Love is the experience of unity and separation – individuality in the same medium of Infinite Being – an experience of Oneness and Twoness is harmony.

Love is the natural, effortless flow of Life.

Challenges reveal the Presence of real Love.  If everything was easy, there would be no need for Love.

Love is giving and receiving freely and joyfully.

Love is Life without death (a-mor – ‘love’ in Spanish). Love means to Live more and die less.

Love is being deeply sensitive to Life.

Love is to see the gifts of God and the generosity of God in everything.

Love is not love/that alters when it alteration finds;…/ O no, it is an ever fixed mark/ That looks on tempests and is never shaken. (W. Shakespeare)

Love is free, but it has to be earned again every day.

Love is an experience of inner communication that is even more powerful than outer communication.

Self-Love is the ability to say ‘no’ to other people without losing their Love.

Divorce happens when people Love their feelings more than they Love the other person. This is artificial Love, based on false ego. This kind of Love leads to perpetual failure in relationships. Love permits different opinions and perspectives. The question is the quality of these differences. Sometimes divorce is a good thing and sometimes it is beneficial for physical as well as spiritual or emotional survival. Some people are just dedicated to their own destruction and death. Death tends to cause separation.

Love means that I recognize you for all you are and Love you so.

Love is the energy to develop our real potential.

Love helps us to expand our knowledge about who we are, and to Live and express our potential freely in our relationship with all our talents and healing.

Love is to give one another the feeling of being a lovable person and the chance to express oneself in the relationship with the whole being.

Love is supporting each other in sorting through the emotional mind to find Oneness.

Love is unity and separation – individuality in the same medium of Infinite Being – Oneness.

Love is the way people can naturally feel toward each other.

Directness and honesty honors and respects the Love and Oneness that already exists, and strengthens and expands the Love.

Directness and honesty is the practice of simplicity in relationships.

Honoring the natural divinity in another person enables us to deserve and win their Love and loyalty.

Valuing the being of another person more than we value our beliefs and feelings leads us to truth and freedom. And it maintains the relationship in Love and Oneness.

In silence, there is agreement – silence is automatic Oneness. The mind is the problem.

A person is the Being plus Ego. Love means to Love the Being, and to Love the Ego until it changes. We have the right to Love our own Ego – our beliefs and feelings – more than the beliefs and feelings of others. All relative beliefs and feelings are negotiable. Absolutes are not because they are beyond language. The meaning of all languages and words are negotiable – redefinable. Adequate communication is important for harmony in relationships.

Love is falling in Love with every person.

Love is being in Love all the time. Sometimes other people get in the way and get loved.

Love is feeling at home in the soul of another person.

Love is letting the river of Love flow through all eternity.

Love is the willingness to give infinite support to another person. This doesn’t mean that we have to put up with their s*** every day without complaining about it. In fact, communicating about it successfully is a form of Love and support. We are supporting the person to realize their potential.

Love is expanding the knowledge of one another with the goal of overcoming all gaps that could keep us from feeling the bliss of Love.

Love is a wonderful pleasure, totally trusting in one another through expanded knowledge and validation about the individuality and taking responsibility for one another.

Love is a celebration of our real nature in uniting us.

Love is the willingness to overcome all gaps between me and you.

Love without truth is immorality.

Love tainted with anger is tainted love or not love at all.

Love is seeking the highest potential of every living being.

Love is protecting the natural divinity of our children. And, of course, of each other and of all children.

Love is fidelity in marriage, otherwise, there is no point in marriage. Marriage is a commitment and a wonderful limitation that yields fantastic freedoms.