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An Excerpt from A Special Interview, with Leonard D. Orr

from the Ask Leonard Orr Teleseminar Series, conducted by Sara Dawn. © Sara Dawn, 2012-2023 All Rights Reserved. No part of this content may be used without written permission from Sara Dawn. Hi everybody, this is Sara Dawn. I'd like to welcome you to tonight’s...

The 16th Biggie: Grief and Significant Losses

 When we think of grieving often the first thing we think of is in the loss of a loved one. However, we experience grief with any major life change or loss of any kind; Divorce, relationship changes; changing homes and locations; loss of income; change in...

Definitions of Love

By Leonard Orr & Co. Love is the immediate perception of Infinite Being in another center. Love is ultimately self-approval. Love is the willingness to process the negative energy in other people. Love is making common sense, practical and responsible agreements,...

Still Immortal

Still Immortal

Leonard Orr and RBI Trainer Heike Strombach Leonard is taking time off at home, at Rebirth International in Virginia, USA, to do spiritual purification full time. He will not be responding to emails at this time, however the full...

What God Actually Thinks and Teaches Us About Death

WHAT GOD ACTUALLY THINKS AND TEACHES US ABOUT DEATH, BY SCRIPTURE AND FACTS By Leonard D. Orr From the Bible: The Wisdom of Solomon, chapter I, verses 12-16 (In the Catholic and Jewish Bibles)                      God did not Create Death “12 Do not bring on your own...

Giving Back to Leonard Orr

Hi Everyone, This is Sara Dawn, editor of Leonard's newsletters and creator of LeonardOrrBooks.com I've been working in secrecy for the past month on a surprise for Leonard and now it's out! You can watch it here:   In Gratitude, Sara Dawn

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