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Still Immortal

Still Immortal

Leonard Orr and RBI Trainer Heike Strombach Leonard is taking time off at home, at Rebirth International in Virginia, USA, to do spiritual purification full time. He will not be responding to emails at this time, however the full...

Giving Back to Leonard Orr

Hi Everyone, This is Sara Dawn, editor of Leonard's newsletters and creator of LeonardOrrBooks.com I've been working in secrecy for the past month on a surprise for Leonard and now it's out! You can watch it here:   In Gratitude, Sara Dawn

The Gospel

THE GOSPEL BY LEONARD D. ORR The word gospel means a statement of the principles of Truth. The church has tried to state the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I don’t think they got it right yet, so I am making an attempt. You have to decide if it is the Truth. My goal is...

The German Psychiatrist and the Iranian Sufi

THE GERMAN PSYCHIATRIST AND THE IRANIAN SUFI THE SECRETS TO AGING AND ANTI-AGING RESEARCH BY LEONARD D. ORR My good friend, Dagmar, a psychiatrist and rebirther, loved me a lot and loved rebirthing, but she thought I was totally crazy to talk about physical...

Pain and Other Things

PAIN AND OTHER THINGS LIKE AGING AND FOOD ABUSE BY LEONARD D. ORR In the morning after my bath I usually lie down to do some exercises.  When I lie flat on my back and relax I notice intense pain in my upper middle back.  If I take 5 or 10 deep breaths, the pain...

Meditation and Healing Our Own Infancy Stuff

MEDITATION AND HEALING OUR OWN INFANCY STUFF BY LEONARD D. ORR My theme for this month is meditation. I have been fasting 3 days per week during January 2017.  During one of my fasts, I was induced almost involuntarily into a 24 hour state of meditation.  By...

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