Ordinary daily life can be new, meaningful, different, productive, exciting, playful, energetic, pleasurable, cultural, eternal, challenging, relaxing, refreshing, fun, loving, happy, enlightening, even exotic.

Breathtaking breakthroughs are often disguised as insolvable problems.

This description is coming from a guy who has just endured perhaps the worst two months of his entire life. Those days were meaningful, perhaps too meaningful. I had to play with my pain and misery to survive it. Going for relaxation through fire purification was actually fun, like surfing on my physical and emotional pain. Those days were loving, but not productive in a conventional sense. They were ultimate productivity from the standpoint of my own personal healing.

Eternal Life survives all. When we are tuned into the Source, all of life is grist for the mill of greater goodness and enlightenment.

When we are tuned into Source, the five senses and the pleasures of the material world are gifts of God’s love for us to enjoy as long as we don’t get trapped in them. We can enjoy them loosely. Learning to live loosely and richly is an art. The nature of sensual pleasure is fleeting because it takes concentration. We have to concentrate on our food to taste it fully. This is one reason some people prefer to eat alone. Achieving sexual orgasm takes concentration. The nature of spiritual pleasure is enduring because it is our nature – our eternal nature. It is always there waiting for us, no matter what we are experiencing. It is the experiencer. We exist in the medium of Infinite Being all the time. Mental pleasures are even more fleeting because the mind is always moving – this is its nature.  We can only persist in a mental pleasure by remembering it. The mind can go to any pleasure just by choosing it and concentrating on the memory of it.

It is actually easiest to concentrate on the Space between our thoughts, because it is always there – before and after every thought. The more we do this the more pleasure we experience. It is a background of bliss that is always available. Japa also assists with this. Japa is an easy and practical method for concentrating on the Source. When we are remembering OM, we are in the Transcendental State, automatically.   Om only takes concentration to break us out of our fixation on other thoughts. The Transcendental State is always their for us to enjoy.

Perhaps all Rebirthers should learn transcendental meditation from the TM People. Although 20 connected breaths can get us into the Transcendental State in 30 seconds and take our body with us, to many Rebirthers don’t have a daily form that they practice to receive the value of the Transcendental State every day. This is important.

I noticed during my regressions into the emotional dark memories for the past two months that I neglected my basic alternate nostril breathing exercises when I could have benefited from them the most. I just noticed this today after neglecting them for four months and started again today. It is amazing how our darkness can block out the light.

This past month, however, October has been the most productive month of this year for me. I have been still going into and out of those black emotional memories, those feeling states of blackness, but when I am out I am amazingly productive. Those of you who remember the hours of total clarity I had one afternoon on a fasting and fire day a few months ago can now notice that my clarity is becoming more constant and dependable. The regressions still are occurring.

This past week I had a day of mindless depression. After sleeping shortly I awoke in mindless anger. The anger was so intense I couldn’t sleep much and it followed me into the bath in the morning so intensely that I had trouble concentrating on my bath and my mantra routines. The after effect of that anger energy however, made the day the most productive day of my entire year.

After this cycle of depression and anger, I had a few days of confusion, feeling unsafe, and relatively unproductive. These cycles are still happening, but after each I have more dependable clarity. It probably is only a matter of time and some more cycles and my clarity and productivity will become more constant. I am looking forward to this.

Another trend however, is my sensitivity increase. I felt for some days that my Energy Body was like a newborn. Just a trip to the supermarket put me to sleep because of the death urge that is there, made me depressed, and totally exhausted. Being in the presence of a person who hasn’t healed their death urge seems to affect me this way. I trust you are assisting me in clearing the death urge off the planet. I have written a new tool for this which is quite powerful. If you would like a copy, please ask.

This month is my birthday month. I have often had trauma come up for me around it. I am still EverOne. Time, aging, and youthing are arbitrary creations of the mind. My body is everone with the Intelligent Energy.   Everything is subject to choice.

It would be great if I received enough gifts for my birthday to pay off my mortgage.


This is the most important part of this newsletter. Read it carefully!

Babaji had at least 8 human bodies that I know of in the 20th Century. Most of them have books written about each of these incarnations – amazing books. I recommend that you add them all to your library. He also wrote a few books Himself. How can you resist these? I know I can’t. I spend time reading them almost every day. I read them over and over, they are always new.

The names of these bodies are: Herakhan Baba, Neem Karoli Baba, Sambara Baba, Dev Puruji Baba, Goraknath, Sita Ram Baba, and Desara Giri Baba. Desara Giri is now also in the 21st Century.

The book covering the most detail about Herakhan Baba is called I Am Harmony by Radhe Shyam. There are also dozens of other books about Him by other authors. The last book Babaji wrote in this body is called Herakhan Baba Speaks, which He wrote and published Himself in 1992 when He was living in the United States for 18 months. I print them regularly and often give them away. His teachings in the 70’s are compiled in a book called the Teachings of Babaji, compiled by the Herakhan Samaj.

The book about Neem Karoli called Miracle of Love compiled by Ram Das is amazing. There are also many other books about Him by other authors. Miracle of Love is the classic.

There is little in print about Sambara Baba. The only book I know is not easy to find.

The book about Babaji’s Dev Puriji body is called Amrit Lela. I try to keep them in stock in our Inspiration University bookstore, but they disappear rapidly. Just reading it will raise your Divine Energy.

There is a great Scripture about Goraknath called the Goraknath Purana, but it is not in English. The best book I have about Him is called the Philosophy of Goraknath. I try to keep copies of this at I. U., but they also fly off the shelves.

Almost nothing is written about Sita Ram Baba. He is very obscure.

The book about Desara Giri Baba is very difficult to find. It is called Beloved Babaji, by Devdasji. The author, who out of humility tried to make himself invisible and did too good at this. Desara Giri Baba, also known as Balak Baba and Almora Baba, is the Avatar Babaji’s body now available for Darshan. He lives between Haldwani and Almora. This book easily resolves the conflict about Desara Giri’s identity as Babaji and His relationship to Herakhan Baba. The author describes the connection between Herakhan Baba and Desara Giri Baba with completely convincing evidence for any open minded devotee. I have yet to meet an Indian devotee who has read the book. The publisher of this book has disappeared. I have not been able to contact the author. I would like to make copies of the book and make it available to more people. Would you like a copy of this precious book?

Nantan Maharaj resolved the conflict between the old Herakhan Baba and the new Herakhan Baba in the 1970’s. Nantan Maharaj referred to the Desara Baba body of Babaji about 1973 by saying Herakhan Baba would leave His body and appear again as a 5 year old child. This must have been info given to him by Babaji at the time. In 1973, Desara Giri Baba was probably in the womb. Nantan Maharaj by this quote solved the present controversy about Desara Giri Baba, if people listened to his prophesy. We always have to approach Babaji with an open mind.

The Lela is that Babaji, as Desara Baba, was born near Herakhan while Herakhan Baba was still alive in His Herakhan Baba body. Although Herakhan Baba is still alive in the Himilayan Mountains, He, as Babaji, is operating and giving Darshan now in His Desara Giri Baba body. He doesn’t claim to be Herakhan Baba. He is a new form, waiting for us to see the Truth. We can distinguish between Babaji, as Shiva in human form or beyond human form and all of His Bodies and historical activities. We might say that His style as the Creator of the Universe is the same, but each historical incarnation has a different human style. I am still getting acquainted with His new style.

Babaji is unlimited. Each of His bodies is somewhat limited. When someone asked Babaji if He was God, He replied, “God is everywhere, I am local.” It is impossible for us to get our mind around this totally, but we can observe it. Each of Babaji’s bodies is limited, but Babaji is not. His activities in each historical incarnation appear to be limited, but they are not. However, we as observers are limited. We can only see so much. What we can see points us to His Infinite, Eternal nature and abilities. Staying conscious in His Presence is always a challenge.

We can see this combination of limited and unlimited if we interact with Him. It is clearly presented in Devdasji’s book. When we are around Him, we have to deal with it on a daily basis.

The controversy about Babaji as Herakhan Baba in the 70’s and Babaji as Desara Baba today is the same or similar. It is amazing that Nantan Maharaj is a key to dissolving both controversies.  Babaji gave us this clue in the 70’s.

People are wasting time by doubting who He is and not receiving what He is willing to give to each person who receives His Darshan. Babaji devotees should invite Desara Giri Baba to the Herakhan Ashram whenever He likes to come there, but He was rejected by Muniraj and other unconscious devotees who were unwilling to spend enough time with Him to discover the Truth. This new body is our Avatar Babaji, even though He is not Herakhan Baba. He is also not Neem Karoli Baba. Each of Babaji’s bodies is a different Lela, but we can see God in all of them. The Creator of the universe has a distinctive style. It is a combination of ultimate mystery and ordinariness. His Humanity and Divinity are both complete. We can benefit greatly by comparing Herakhan Baba with Neem Karoli Baba and Sri Dev Puriji to see the differences and similarities and power and transcendental behavior of each. These three have the most recent literature about them. It is a good idea to study each of these books.

We can also see the wonder and naturalness in Desara Giri Baba if we give ourselves a chance.

I met him in 1985 in Nepal.   When I went to see Herakhan Baba in His reconstituted body, which is still in the Himilayas with Goraknath and perhaps other bodies of Babaji I met Him as a beautiful young sadhu. I had no idea who He was at that time.

When I met Desara Giri Baba in 1985, He was a beautiful young sadhu between the ages of 12 and 15. I haven’t learned yet exactly when He was born. I had no idea at that time that He would become the new Avatar Babaji as He is now in adult form.

I also met Him briefly at the Hanuman Temple in 2014. I look forward, when the time is right to spend more time with Him. I had an appointment with Him in the fall of 2015, but He cancelled it and went to the Mountains early.

I have a lot of love, expectancy, anxiety, timidity, and fear about the next time I meet Him. He blasted me before He cancelled His appointment last year. When I met Him in 2014 with two friends at ehe Hanuman Temple in Delhi He blasted us all. He also blasted me through several of my friends when they met Him. Each of these blasts has meant a lot of value for me and furthered my spiritual growth in many ways. I am very thankful for each blast. His soul surgery can be gentle or very intense. I have ultimate respect for His physical bodies as well as His work on us all the time. Babaji is not limited to His physical bodies.

As Herakhan Baba He said, “I am like fire, if you get too close, you may get burned, but if you stay too far away, you don’t receive the warmth.” If you’d like to understand the full power of this, read the books of Joshua, and Judges in the Bible. Babaji honors our karma, unless He chooses to change it.

For example, He said that my teaching about physical immortality was very enchanting. This is of course, a compliment and a criticism. He mentioned that we have to master gravity as well as food to actually be physically immortal. I have always believed this and the idea is in the stages of immortality chapter of Breaking the Death Habit, but people are so addicted to death, it is pointless to mention it always, when I discuss physical immortality. Sometimes, it also seems pointless to even mention physical immortality. Most people have to start with the beginning philosophy and learn how to unravel their death urge first. Healing the death urge we learn from our family tradition is fairly easy. Much easier than healing birth trauma, PDS, or even food abuse. The death urges is mostly mental beliefs and can be healed with a little mental work, but to keep them healed is another problem in our deathist society. Do you know anyone who has done it without constant spiritual purification practices?

Physical immortality beliefs are theoretical and arbitrary, until we have mastered the body, but Bhartriji was sustained by his belief for 700 years before he mastered his body. How long will it take you and me to master the body? What will keep us alive until we do? I am constantly amazed by the surprises my soul keeps presenting to me. I am thankful for the love, mercy, and grace of God that sustains us in our ignorance.

I seem to be at the stage of healing the depression and misery of many past life deaths. My almost full time with fire is essential to keep ahead of this emotional darkness. Healing the emotional mind or soul is the main job we have in each incarnation and facing our past life karma takes as long as it takes. Perhaps Babaji can’t even predict it, because He allows us as much freedom as we like. We can always create new screw-ups along the way.

The darkness I faced during August and September was way beyond depression. Since I have become productive again, I only face depression occasionally. I am in a new stage of creativity and productivity.

I have failed so many times at following Babaji’s recommendations and disappointed Him. I often miss His guidance and fail. He is amazingly merciful, but I still have some fear about facing Him in the flesh next time. I know I will have to face the music.

In 2013, Babaji communicated with me by email for almost a year. Then He stopped doing this and told me that I have to look for Him directly in my mind. That communication is always there. It sometimes takes concentration to read His messages accurately. I probably make more mistakes than getting it accurately. His present guidance for me seems to continue my healing process at home. As I do this I am also listening for the time when I will visit Him next. It may be next year in 2017?  My healing process is still going on, though more gentle. I also notice my Energy Body is sensitive as a newborn baby, like it was when I survived senility in 1963. I am not excited about seeing or being with people yet.

We have a few of these precious books about Babaji in some of His forms, in the Inspiration University bookstore which you can order with Elvi.

What is amazing is that the devotees of one Babaji body usually have no knowledge of the other ones. One Babaji Life and human body on planet Earth in human history seems to be all that the normal human mind can handle. I am writing a book about many of His appearances in history and will also refer to the numberless bodies Babaji has had throughout time. I promised Babaji I would finish it 3 years ago, but I may have it finished by this Christmas. The problem is that such a book can never be good enough and never be complete enough. Writing about Babaji is a challenge.

What I have written about Him here although brief, may be beyond your comprehension. It is also beyond mine.

The controversy among Babaji devotees about His current body, which you can see pictures off on the internet by googling Desara Giri Baba or Deshara Giri Baba, is similar to the controversy about Babaj’s new Herakhan Baba body in the 1970’s. The present controversy began in the late 1980’s, when Desara Giri Baba first went to Herakhan. He didn’t pretend to be Herakhan Baba. Desara Giri is a new body which came through birth. However, the Herakhan Baba devotees who allowed themselves to get close to Him, realized that Desara Giri Baba is the Maha Avatar Babaji in a new body. As ever, it takes internal realization to recognize Him. You can get better at this internal realization ability, by studying all the books available about Him in His different bodies. Reading about two or more of His bodies opens your mind.

Herakhan Baba was over 9000 years in that body. Desara Giri has been in this body about 40 years. There is obviously a difference in style.

Herakhan Baba, Neem Karoli Baba, and Sombara Baba all shared an ashram, which almost nobody knows about. They spent some time together, and each of them moved a lot around India. I won’t write more about this here. In this ashram which they shared, they each had their own dhuni. Babaji made sure that I visited this ashram and learned about this Lela.

Dev Puriji Baba spent most of His time in Rajasthan – about 100 years. Out of this incarnation along with His chief devotee, Mahaprabhuji, came a world-wide movement called Yoga in Daily Life. It was amazing how I became aware of this incarnation of Babaji. Although I spent lots of time in Rajasthan in the 70’s and 80’s, I just learned about Sri Dev Puriji a few years ago. You will have to read the book, Amrit Lela, to see the truth about Shiva Babaji in this form. The Shakti in this book is amazing. We cannot be the same person after reading it.

It is also amazing how I met Desara Giri Baba on each of the two occasions so far. I am excited about my next experience of His Darshan whenever this will occur. He has given me an abundance of lessons and messages through my friends who have met Him recently. Babaji definitely teaches me through all of His bodies as well as directly in my mind. I connect to Him daily.

Herakhan Baba said that people come to see Me, but not for what I came to give. I watched people come for healings, business success, marriages, and all kinds of gifts. What He comes to give in every incarnation is yoga, the science of Life. This means soul movement and healing of our karma. He comes to give us Divine Energy and more understanding to use it. As He said, He can heal us all in one day, but then what would we learn. Babaji would like us to become more mature and beautiful Divine Human Beings. Each time I visited Him, the gifts He gave me were incalculable. I don’t know how many centuries I will have to continue meeting Him to complete my healing process and become a master. I will continue as long as it takes. Visiting Babaji in His bodies is the greatest game on earth or in the universe.

I would like to invite Desara Giri Baba to the United States, if He is interested? I think people in many other countries would like to host Him as well.

Goraknath wrote many books, some of them are in English and one small one was dictated by Herakhan Baba through Shastriji in the early 1980’s. The interaction and non-interaction of Babaji’s bodies is an interesting study. There are clues, but we have to have the interest to even notice them. We have to have an expanded mind to even realize that He has more than one body on the planet at the same time.

In the Ramayana Scripture, Babaji has at least 4 bodies. All intelligent people can read this. It is available in many languages. Babaji told me that Ram and Sita lived 130,000 years ago. A study of this great Scripture yields a lot of enlightenment. I love discussing it with people. If you have trouble identifying Babaji’s 4 bodies in the story, let me know? That was the last time heaven on earth was realized on the planet. Babaji has said in many of His talks that He is establishing heaven on earth again now, but He is waiting for us to get our act together and cooperate with Him. We will have to continue to deal with our personal, economic, and political mess until we do get our act together.

Babaji said over and over that courage and work and action is the cure for violence and that laziness, inaction, and idleness is the cause of all of our problems. Our only enemy is the next negative thought and feeling in our own mind.

Is your mind tilted yet? Would you like to see my new book on this amazing subject of Babaji’s many bodies in human History. In the Bible He is known as the Angel of the Lord. Babaji has many names and styles throughout history, but His Divinity is unmistakable once we become familiar with it. There is only one Creator of the universe and His Presence and Guidance in the human drama is fairly easy to know when we see it. No one else has complete power, knowledge, and the Divine Identity with such ease and naturalness.

Many people have perhaps idealized Herakhan Babaji. In I Am Harmony



For the past 5 months, I have had the most funny or interesting itching patterns all over my body. I call them funny because they are so varied. They don’t happen every day, but often. I may have an itch on the top of my head, I scratch it, this feels very good, and it may disappear for a week or month or never return. The itch may be behind my ear, inside my ear, on the bottom of my ear. The itch may be on the bridge of my nose, the tip, or under my nose or the sides of my nose. It is usually just one itch, when even touch it or scratch it, it feels pleasurable and disappears instantly. Next day the itch may be on my chin, the back of my neck, my eyes, my foot, knee, thigh, ham, ankle, a toe or a finger, my arm, or anywhere.

Several days per week or every day I get these simple itches that seem to be not connected to anything. I wondered about them for months. Then a few weeks ago I was struck by the obvious.

Biologists tell us that the skin is the largest organ of the body. My skin organ was abused or ignored at birth as a part of my birth trauma and early infancy. I realized that my skin is now seeking recognition and acknowledgement. The process has actually been funny and quite pleasurable.

Most often the itching occurs when I am in the bath and have time and attention for my body and therefore my skin. I notice that when water is draining off my skin or drying, this often causes the itching. Birth of course is when our skin first got dry. I can see how when this skin trauma gets out of control, it can cause various skin diseases. Some places the itching returns to the same places, but I am thankful that it is not unpleasant. It is just something to notice.

My skin organ is getting my attention and can be a source of immense pleasure. At various times in my life I have had access to frequent massages. I would like more now, but it is not as pleasurable unless the masseuse is doing rebirthing and spiritual purification so that they have good energy.  The energy can be as important as the touching.


God is everything and nothing. God starts with nothing but spiritual substance. Spiritual substance is invisible, eternal, and without form. Out of this Substance, which appears to be nothing, everything is created. Then The Everything is destroyed back into The Nothing.

Again, again, and again.

We live in a constant circle of permanence and change.


Nothing                                                                       Everything                                                Nothing.

Expansion                                                                  Contraction                                            Expansion.

Pleasure                                                                     Abstenance                                            Pleasure.

Indulgence                                                                Denial                                                       Indulgence.

Attachment                                                              Detachment                                           Attachment.

Neutrality                                                                  Joy                                                               Neutrality.

Spirit                                                                              Flesh                                                            Spirit.

Fasting                                                                             Eating                                                      Fasting.


The mind is always going in circles. How do we know how much is enough? When do we balance?

The in and out of nature.

The in and out of comfort.


Productivity                                                              Rest                                                          Productivity.


We don’t have to spend all our time with fire. How much is enough? How much spiritual purification do we have to do to stay happy, healthy, successful, productive, and feel enlightened? How much is enough?

Some supermarket food is good for us. Some of it is bad for us. How much bad food can we eat before it destroys the body?

Some habits are good for us, some bad. How many bad habits can we tolerate before total destruction of the body and unhappiness takes over? How much misery can we stand, before we are motivated to get back on track?

Can we fall in love with God without being a fanatic? Watch out for extremes.

How much of being human is beautiful and goodness and divine expression and how much is self-destructive?

Why do I have back pain in some mornings and none on other mornings?

What does going to bed mean? What does sleep mean? Can it be bad as well as good? Is it an escape? From what feelings? We have a basic fear of losing control, but we do it during every sleep. How much loss of control can we tolerate? What is being functional and non-functional mean?

We are always dealing with the circle of pain or discomfort and comfort? Comfort is very desirable. Is the comfort of the flesh opposed to spiritual mastery?  Our entire civilization is preoccupied with comfort.

Emotional memories are different from physical memories. Physical memories have shape and content we can describe with the 5 senses. Emotional memories are a big blob of dark indescribable thick mud. When we are immersed in mud there is nothing to grab onto. We can only surrender and work with it. It can seem hopeless, depending how deep and big it is.

What works best for me is mantra, earth, water, fire, air, and love. When I do a round of AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA and the other powerful mantras Babaji gave me, I can feel the muddy memories get lighter. When I stay with a fire for hours, I can feel some of the emotional blob get released. When I soak in my bathtub, I can feel something dissolve every time. When I do connected breathing for an hour, relaxation lightens my emotional load. Since I have had only two meals per day and fasted two days per week since 2011, I am fasting continually. But when I spend time with people who haven’t healed their death urge, I can gain two inches on my waste-line, feel like going to sleep immediately, and get totally depressed. Being with people who haven’t healed their death urge is more exhausting than 8 hours of manual labor.

But I love serving people in my trainings especially. One of my definitions of love is the willingness to process the negative energy of other people. It is inevitable, we may as well be willing. It is easier if we are. Resisting just causes more pain. I have recorded over 100 physical symptoms that my body can experience when I lead trainings. They often disappear the same day with a little fire and a bath. Some can persist until the training content or breathing sessions, or the other practices removes them from the trainees. It is interesting if not particularly pleasant. Sometimes I feel like I am getting my body back from the group mind during or at the end of the training. It is amazing how powerful the 9 Day Training is.

Teaching people to heal themselves is my greatest gift to the planet. As Babaji says many times, each gain in Oneness in us and others improves the consciousness on the whole planet and the whole universe.    How much Oneness will it take to create heaven on earth? How many people are already living in hell and don’t know how to get out.

Babaji said, “On one side of the Earth, people are living in nectar. On the other side they are jumping into the fire. We must save these people.”

The most efficient way I have found is to teach people one at a time the ideas of spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community.

So even if I am not totally healed and in top form, I step out of my mud and contribute when I have the opportunity. And sometimes telling the truth about what I am experiencing is the best thing I can do for myself as well as the people listening. There is nothing as powerful as fresh experience. Telling the truth tends to make everyone free.

Truth, Simplicity, and Love,

Leonard D. Orr