It is 5 am, Tuesday March 22, 2016. This letter will go out to 4000 plus people on our email list. I am writing this beside my fire at home. I discovered the spiritual power of fire in 1981 and I am still in love with fire.
We know from past on line reports that maybe 25% of the receivers will open it. Less than !% will respond. This means that I am writing to about 40 people. This is a lot, if you actually respond to my personal email address or send me a postal note with a gift. Some of you use pay pal. I am grateful that some of you actually respond. It is good to know that you are still alive. As I have mentioned many times, I like the sharing that you send as much as the gifts.

I am so thankful for those of you who have sent gifts and assisted me in keeping the RBI training center alive. It is prospering in spite of my healing process and is perhaps in the best condition it has been in for 40 years. We now have perhaps the most spiritually prepared and mature personnel ever.
I have succeeded in maintaining a full time healing and training center for 40 years. This wake-up call is basically for me. I am noticing that most of the people that have benefited from the training center for the past 40 years have disappeared, either through non-activity or death. The question is why?

The truth is that less than 10 people have supported me with any degree of continuity in doing this for the past 40 years. Here I am not talking about financial support. I am talking about real participation. In spite of the fact that over 80 people purchased the land of CV- CHS, not more than a hand full of these still has any interest in supporting the existence of the still existing healing and training center anywhere in the USA. Some foreign centers have more commitment. For the past 23 years, few have maintained any participation at all, not even in the RBI Annual Conventions that we have at the training center every year. Since 1994, the RBI Training Center has been in Virginia. It is also called Inspiration University. There haven’t been enough leaders to give it an independent successful existence when I am not participating directly in leading the trainings. Perhaps this is changing now. I enjoy working with competent people.

My youthing process and spiritual evolution seems to be continually moving in a wonderful way. I see beneficial changes and improvements in every aspect of my life. Now I have been home for almost 4 months, which is the longest period for between 15 and 20 years. It is amazing how much I can accomplish in my own healing when I am home for this extended period. It is almost like my intention for self-healing prevented people from coming for training this year until Susan Alden showed up to be the training center director. She is doing a great job. Having someone to share the responsibility with gives me more time for healing and allows the training center to continue prospering. With Dr Kamayani and now Sally Henderson assisting her, the training center can achieve new levels of success and effectiveness.

With this support staff, I enjoy working more at the training center because I can do it with a more sustainable pace. I can continue my healing at least part time with this high quality support. The RBI 9 DAY TRAINING can go on whether I am there or not.

Involving you in this wake-up call means to ask the question, “Why do people give up on total personal healing and the ideal of total mastery so quickly and so easily?” The idea of physical immortality seems to excite people for only a short time, when their own healing actually makes it possible to achieve, they give up. We might say that physical immortality is more superficial than our belief in death, but this conclusion may also be superficial.

Why has real personal healing of mind and body only been achieved by immortal yogis or Taoist? In the Bible there are only 5 successful cases in about 3000 years, in spite of the fact that most people started in the Bible history living for 500 to 1000 years? Persona death and reincarnation is still the most popular way to go. Why do we drag our mortal mindedness from lifetime to lifetime? Evidently we don’t heal much in heaven?

One theory to explain this is the difference between theory and reality. People are trained to entertain theories, but not necessarily to master them. People tend to confuse theory with reality. We assume if we have heard an idea once and recognize it that we have learned it, even though the idea hasn’t influenced our reality in the slightest. This is most obviously true with the idea of physical immortality, extended longevity, or perpetual health and life. Immortality is not an add-on, it is our Divine Nature all the time, even when we leave the body. The real question is about the health of our mind and body? When our stuff comes up for healing, we give up and go for death as an escape. This program doesn’t seem to work. Adult education and political responsibility seems to be a better approach.

Spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community works. I just suggested to our new staff members that they spend 2 to 4 hours per day with the fire until they get rid of their guru belly phenomena. They did it one day and lost several pounds of excess body weight and inches off the waistline. Their clothes no longer fit. I notice many people receive fantastic results from my 9 day training, but then they disappear, go back to their old habits, and wonder why the bliss is not permanent? The wake up I am talking about is how to increase our results? Obviously, continuity is the answer and the best form I can think of for this is the One Year Seminar.
People get high off a new job or source of income, or a new lover. They run off the excitement of this new activity, until they drop from the exhaustion of neurotic excitement or emotional energy pollution. Some of our 9 Day Training grads people have the intelligence to participate in another 9 Day Training and some just collapse into the wheel of karma and go around into their next birth with the birth trauma, parental conditioning and the whole nine yards of the other biggies. Most people seem to surrender to the pressures of the world and their personally created environment rather than transforming it. I originally created the One Year Seminar to solve this problem, but the OYS to actually work has to go on year after year, as our healing process become more realistic and mature.

As long as things are working and we don’t feel too much pain, we are not motivated by the big picture. People allow their spiritual purification to slide as long as they can get away with it. Then when they get into trouble, they surrender to death as the solution. This goes on century after century for thousands or even millions of years.

Granted, healing the biggies of human trauma is not easy. It can be very challenging. Physical death as an escape looks a lot easier. I am still working on my healing process after 60 years of work. It does get easier, but each time a memory takes over my body and mind it may not feel easier temporarily. On the whole, my body keeps working better and better and my mind gets clearer and I have more fun every year. But my own complete body mastery has a long way to go. It is still an exciting adventure. What does a light body look like and feel like?
I notice that in some lifetimes I went up the karmic scale and some lifetimes I went down. I was often damaged by my environment in perhaps too many incarnations. I am still dealing with the karma of some of my stupid actions. I wasn’t always the good guy. We have a natural resistance to looking at the lives when we were the bad guys. This karma plays out in our body as well as the dark spots in our mind. Each time I heal something, the clouds disappear and everything becomes clearer and more pleasurable. Clouds appear and disappear that I didn’t know I had, because we are looking out through them our whole lives. We can only notice the difference when they disappear. There is more space in our minds and body and more time in our daily lives each time we heal something. Everything gets easier and more fun. I still get surprised by the memories that pop up and take over my life, at least temporarily.

Of the millions of people that have benefited from rebirthing, less than 100 maintain any kind of regular communication with me. Most of these are more interested in receiving support than giving support, not only money but energy and inspiration and participation. This sadly includes my wives. I continue to give more than I receive because I have the energy to do so. My current wife, Elvi, has healed so much during our years together and is still committed. She likes to support me during my healing process as well. Her healing process automatically supports mine. The wake-up is just to notice the reality of what is actually happening in the Rebirthing Movement and to be honest about it, and to share it with you who are actually reading this. Your insights and inspirations are appreciated.

Self-examination is a healthy thing. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Physical immortality as a belief system is very superficial, to achieve it takes more than 50 to 100 years of committed actions and they have to be the right actions that actually work.

I started believing in eternal life in 1955. That is 60 years ago. The first person I ever met who was dedicated to physical immortality I met in the 60s, ten years later. We were good friends for over 40 years. He died about ten years ago. He wrote me a letter ten days before he died in his sleep affirming his commitment to physical immortality. He liked the idea but I could never get him interested in faithfully doing the spiritual purification practices. I loved him greatly. It seems that the mind alone cannot actually achieve it, we have to include the body. The body is the intelligent interaction of earth, air, water, and fire as well as mind.

In the Aarti, which was sung to Babaji twice per day, it says that physical immortality is the natural result of a mind filled with happiness. Through the years I have noticed that most Babaji devotees don’t understand the idea of spiritual purification and lots of them have died. I also noticed that some of the ashrams around the world that don’t understand the idea of spiritual purification also died, even though they have a nice beautiful temple. Even Babaji ashrams that do not understand and practice spiritual purification have a tendency to disappear. I notice that religions and spiritual communities that are not practicing spiritual purification are just death traps. Loving relationships seem to be dependent upon a clean and balanced energy body to survive.

It is common for Babaji devotees to bath twice per day. Most are vegetarians. Some participate in fire ceremonies from time to time, but almost none seem to understand fire purification. Some have become conscious breathers, some resist this. And some do some fasting somewhat. Hopefully, they all do the mantra. The Aarti says that AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA can dry up the ocean of samsara – our conditioning. The awareness of the Energy Body and how to clean and balance it was given to me by Babaji. Actually doing it daily I notice is more difficult when I am processing my own stuff or other people’s stuff. Psychic mud is mud – negative mental mass.

The year I discovered fire is the year that Babaji built the Dhuni in Herakhan – 1981. It was His way of acknowledging what I had discovered. He had already led me to dhunis that he used 4000 years ago, 400 years ago, and 50 years ago, etc. In 1981, I discovered what dhuni culture is all about. I have practiced it every day since then. I have spread it to a few other places around the world. In some places the dhunis have disappeared. Commitment to the 4 elements is a real commitment. Babaji has shown me His commitment for centuries – even thousands – even millions of years. We have to remember that physical immortality is forever. We can become immortal in one second, staying immortal is the trick. Staying immortal involves having bliss and fun everyday.
Babaji taught me the spiritual purification practices with the mantra and the elements. Babaji said, “I am like fire, don’t get too close or you may get burned. Don’t stay too far away or you will not get the warmth.” He also said, “I am nobody and nothing. I am only a mirror in which you can see yourself.” I watched Him discontinue the practices during His last years in Herakhan. I watched Him mirror the attitude of His devotees toward the body. Although He left His body and had it buried, He resurrected it the same day and is still alive and well in Nepal. He said, “The five elements of my micro body never die. To reconstitute them is a great experiment of yoga.” I won’t say more about this here. Inquire if you are interested.

Babaji is alive and well. He is a very great yogi. He also often has more than one body on the planet at the same time.

In fact, Babaji sometimes maintains so many bodies at the same time in human history, He could have a convention with only His own bodies attending, if He liked? He usually only attends the Khumba Mela with one body, but who knows? And no one I know knows how many actual immortals actually attend each Khumba Mela?

To those devotees who have no imagination, Babaji is dead. These people also are usually dying.
Krishna said, “We should work not caring about the fruits of our work.” I care about people therefore I care if they go for mastery or not. But I have always tried to practice brutal self-honesty and so I am willing to notice what is actually happening around me. I am willing to notice what works and what doesn’t work in my own body and mind as well as in those around me.

It is now 6 am. I am taking a break for my morning bath.

I notice that people who repeat my 9 Day Training notice that it is different each time and even more interesting, transformative, informative, and powerful than the first, second, third, or tenth time. One simple reason for this is that I change and the training has to be interesting to me as well as my trainees. The training has to be real for me. Peace Arnold observed that the training is eternal, it works the first time and 20 years later. And of course, each trainee is changing and can absorb more of the great ideas and information and is hopefully more willing to practice what works. Repeating the 9 Day Training at least once per year is a good idea. It can be done during the Annual Rebirthers Convention. This convention is held in Virginia in July each year and also in some other countries at different times. People who attend tend to become happier, healthier, and more successful every year.

From a material standpoint, we already have heaven on earth. We have a civilization that supports physical immortality in so many ways. There are now hundreds of books on the subject from scientists of all kinds. Millions of people could and should be achieving it. And yet the idea is not even in most people’s vocabulary, let alone in their functional philosophy of Life. Spiritual purification and spiritual community are new ideas even if people think they are spiritually enlightened. Actually achieving physical immortality and the quality of Life that sustains it has never been easier. If people realized how easy it is, they would be lining up by the millions. Who is going to inform them?

The words eternal life are meaningless in the Christian world in spite of the fact that they dominated the teaching of Jesus and he demonstrated that they include the physical body. It should be obvious to us that his concept of physical immortality contributed to his healing power, in spite of the fact that his death was a way of healing his own birth trauma and death urge. Physical immortality that includes the body is basic throughout the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Genesis begins with people living 500 to 1000 years. How come this hasn’t happened since Jesus or even since Moses? The wake up question is – is it happening now? Are any of our modern and scientific attempts working? Is Babaji building the Kingdom of God into our culture in spite of us?
We have to be aware of the words before we can notice all the people who have achieved physical immortality throughout human history. There are many to notice, study and learn from, and be inspired by. Why do yogis and Taoists become immortal and Christians not? Christianity seems to have fallen way behind in the master game?
If Christianity is really dedicated to love, this is a basic requirement for healing and mastery. This element of Christianity could surprise us if Christians started to open their minds to their natural divine potential?

The RBI training center in Virginia has new staff members who have been into rebirthing for over 30 years. We deserve your support and participation now more than ever before. The people who are coming this year for trainings, are amazed at the quality of our little spiritual community here in Virginia. Some say they have looked for this kind of spiritual community of people who are actually interested in healing themselves all their lives. They are inspired that one actually exists and are interested in staying in touch and building one at their home community, as well as continuing to participate here.

Maybe one day our RBI Annual Convention will actually work.

We deserve your support now more than ever. My healing process has reduced our income. We are barely making it financially, but healing is what we are about. I am practicing what I teach and it is working. I deserved a break from my usual productivity. I am experiencing fabulous benefits from spending more time with my spiritual practices of spiritual purification. You can support this, if you like. My new excellent staff members are making it possible for me to do more healing. I like the results. I am thankful for all of your support.

My body tends to get lighter and more able every year. It works good and continues to be better and better. My body becomes more spiritual. The idea that matter and physical things are 100% spirit is true theoretically, but it has to become practical. I still have a way to go. I see progress in my own body every year.
The youthing process has to become normal and popular. We have to actually let go of our negative thoughts and feelings about our bodies. The body is willing to change for the better always. The problem is our mind and unconscious beliefs.

The truth about this wake-up call is that I and perhaps we don’t really know what works. Our community of those of us that are interested are experimenting. We are all striving for self-knowledge. We are discovering some things that work. We are supporting each other with the best information and experience that we have. Those of us who do the practices with mantra, the 4 elements, and spiritual community, know that they work, the question is what does our soul and karma actually require for total healing? Perhaps we cannot know until we get there?

The wake-up call is this. Since 1955, I have been working on eternal life. Since 1967, when I healed my death urge I have been teaching physical immortality. I remember a guy who came to one of my PI seminars who worked out his death urge years earlier when his father died. He took to PI like a duck to water, but I have no idea if he is still alive? Will ten people in the RB Movement make it? Will one hundred people make it? 1000, or one million? At least ten million people have been exposed to it, but death and taxes still seems to rule their minds?

How do we get the idea out of the realm of a curious theory into a normal cultural phenomena like it was in the days of Ram and Sita 130,000 years ago? Hundreds of scientists of all kinds are writing books about it. There are now many websites on the words. Is our life rich enough to be fulfilling forever?

The final conclusion may be that it doesn’t take any heroic activity to be immortal. Maybe we just have to stop killing ourselves and be good to ourselves spiritually, physically, and mentally. If the three basic causes of death are ignorance of our natural divinity, ignorance of spiritual purification, and poor diet, conquering these does not take heroic effort. Being immortal may be the easiest thing in the world to accomplish.

We just have to be in integrity with ourselves and enjoy Life. What is so heroic about remembering the name of God? It is the ordinary things that enrich our lives the most. We just have to appreciate them and to appreciate Life Itself. Why do we make it so difficult?

In the early days that I used to go to Herakhan when almost no people were there, Babaji spent most of His time hanging out in the garden enjoying nature. He did nothing Heroic. He enjoyed Being. He just watched life go by. Of course He was doing the mantra Aum Namaha Shivaiya. This is not special. When no people were around He made paintings. Perhaps, when He was Knitting and He said, ”How have I learned Knitting having never been to France?” This could be interpreted as heroic? The fundamental quality of eternal life is to enjoy simple existence – Truth, simplicity, and love.

Of course He did give some attention to ashram business from time to time. This was not difficult.
Perhaps the most heroic thing we have to do to be immortal and a master is to just Be? With nothing added.
Incorporating the body into the conscious life of the Eternal Spirit sounds glorious, but the essence of it is mastering the mundane existence of everyday life. Feeding ourselves in a way that doesn’t yield heart disease and cancer may be heroic – having one meal per day at noon is not such a bad idea, doing enough loving service to earn enough money for food, shelter, transportation, etc., doing enough spiritual purification practices to keep our Energy Body healthy, getting enough physical exercise, and having healthy relationships with everyone is mastering the art of everyday life. Now we have to add doing our emails.

Mastering everyday life while being connected to Intelligent Energy and allowing the perfection of this Intelligent Energy to wash all our negativity and limited ideas of the body out of our consciousness seems to be the way we achieve perfect bodies like Babaji, Jesus, Mary, and the other immortal masters. This tends to heal the death urge automatically. Embodying the joy of Life can be spontaneous and normal. Is this heroic?

Practical immortality can make our life easier and more natural – definitely more beautiful.
I invite you who are actually reading this to participate in the dialogue. I love your insights and contributions.
I am still thinking about starting an OYS on line. We are also rebuilding the One Year Seminar idea in several cities. If you would like one, let me know? Spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community works. They build our essence into the universe as Oneness.

As you know your regular financial contributions can add credit to your negotiations when you come to the training center for trainings and retreats if you like. We also have created the 1000 Friends Club for this.
I hope to see you soon.

It looks now like I will be back to Virginia for at least one week of training in May and return end of June after the Sierraville training in California. I also am looking for places to stop for lectures on my drive across the USA in May and back in June. Invite me!

Truth, Simplicity and Love,

Leonard D. Orr